Noscars 2016


The 11th annual Noscars was a superb night with 22 films from the Media Studies department. They were all unique and different – and all intriguing in different ways. The films that stood out for me was Sizzle, The Great Race and Vengeance of the Fallen. Ad Astra had an amazing cinematic feel and looked so professional – so it was no surprise that it won best film. Can’t wait for next year!

 – Panashe Dindingwe (12SN)

The films that are posted online will come up on the Newlands Media facebook page.

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Active Learning in History

In history we’ve been doing an active learning type task where we’ve all undertaken a project of some sort. Some of them have included making a chariot, investigating historical uses of make-up and perfume, the game of life in Glorivale style and much more. Our group was interested in investigating the food that was eaten in the trenches during WW1. In our research we found out about the difference between a British and German stew and ended up making them to test it out. A German stew contained spam, potatoes, turnips, and beef stock, while the British stew was typically canned corned beef, carrots, potatoes, parsnip, beef stock and mustard powder. Both tasted better than they looked; however, the German stew was definitely the winner. Mr Cargill believes both were disgusting. We have more respect and understanding now for the soldiers who had to eat this for years on end.

 – Josh Steele & Anthony McKinnon (12LD)

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Board of Trustees – Student Representative Election

Voting for the student representative on the Board of Trustees takes place today. Three students are vying for the position. The speeches they shared with the school earlier in the week are below:


Casey Norman (12SN)

My name’s Casey and I’d love to represent you on the board of trustees for next year. Not only will it be a great way for me to give back to the school, but I’m passionate about student voice. I feel as though it is crucial for students to have input into some of the decisions and things that happen around the school. I’d make a great board of trustees representative because I feel that I would be very good at listening to suggestions and the wants of students around the school, and put those things forward at board meetings. So yeah, please send a vote my way, that would be appreciated.


Janhavi Gosavi (11KD)

My name is Janhavi Gosavi and I’d love to be your student rep on the board of trustees next year. 2016 has been full on for me and in it I’ve learnt the importance of saying ‘yes’ to opportunities. before this year, I didn’t think I could be a lead in production, or be in a Noscars film…. or be spending the first half of these upcoming holidays at an air force base on a leadership course for cadets. But now I’d like to give back to the school that has given me so much. So please, if you think I’d be good for this and if you’d like me to be your voice on the board, vote for me Janhavi Gosavi! On that paper, tick the first name you see out of the 3. The first name you see, that’s me Janhavi Gosavi. The short girl with the long hair, and the high voice and the awkwardly rhyming first and last name.


Unmesh Vanka (12SL)

My name is Unmesh Vanka and I am running for BOT. I think I have the qualities that are good for this role because I am not afraid to voice your opinions and problems to the board. If I get this role I am going to put time and effort into making your opinions heard. I am responsible and I will take my time so I can represent you, the students, well. Vote Unmesh for BOT.

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Big Think – NCEA Guide & Preparation

Big THink

Big Think presented their programmes and philosophy at an assembly earlier in the year. Further resources have been passed to us:

We have prepared a booklet on the 7 things parents should know about NCEA.  We hope to shed light on the mysterious creature that is NCEA which will put their minds at ease a little bit. The first e-booklet is “7 things parents should know about NCEA“, the second for students, is “6 things to do, 6 weeks away from exams“. We hope these clear guidelines will help remind them that NCEA isn’t so scary.  It will reinvigorate their confidence that they have the ability to do well in their exams if they follow the right steps.

For more information see the previous post on Big Think or check out their website.

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HP 48 Hours Filmmaking Competition


The national HP 48 Hours Filmmaking competition was held over the weekend. There were 50 Y12 and Y13 students involved in eight different teams who made a film over the weekend. On the first day everyone was given particular elements that had to be included in the film:

  • Character: Charlie Flowers – a thoughtful person
  • Prop: wool
  • Line: “One more time”
  • Technique: rack focus shot

As well as an assigned genre which ranged from rom-com, puppets, horror and crime to mystery, real-time, comedy of errors and time-travel. The highlight was spraying Mr Mortensen with fake blood as I got to murder him on screen. A lot of inside jokes were developed over the course of the weekend because you were spending so much time together. It felt like more than just two nights as it was an epic achievement to pull of a film in that space of time.

 – Charlotte Earle (12LD)

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Day of Silence 2016


Last Friday, Newlands College recognised Day of Silence. The day was to raise awareness and draw attention to the silencing effects of homophobia, biphobia and transphobia. This previous post outlines more about the day. One News visited to do a story on the day, which can be read and viewed here.

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Study Time


Workshops we will be running will take place in the Term 3 Holidays with StudyTime NZ/ Inspiration Education. Their mission is to help students around New Zealand reach their full potential in their NCEA assessments. For more information, see their website.

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Knowledge Shop

Knowledge Shop specialises in the teaching of academic English. Our goal is to help students achieve to the very best of their ability levels in the classroom. We are a boutique education centre and understand that each child has different needs and concerns. With a thorough knowledge of the New Zealand curriculum as well as the NCEA system, we provide students with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed at school and beyond. 

ks-logoKnowledge Shop will be holding its highly successful NCEA Exam Preparation Programme from Monday 26th September to Friday 30th September at Newlands College. Subjects include English, science, maths and study skills. This is an excellent opportunity to revise the most important areas of the curriculum to ensure you are prepared for upcoming NCEA exams. Visit our website for the full programme. All bookings can be made online. Limited spaces so please book early. 

 – Knowledge Shop

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Upcoming: Noscars 2016

Check out the trailer for the 2016 Noscars! The facebook event is here and follow updates and spotlights on the 2016 line up by liking Newlands Media! Tickets have been flying out the door this week. The Embassy is well over half full – get in quick! #Noscars2016

If the trailer does not play you can see it on Newlands Media – because of the content there is some restrictions on what device can view it. 

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Upcoming: Day of Silence


Last year, our school had a phenomenal response to the first time we ever took part in the Day of Silence. Over a third of the school took part, but most importantly we participated in a symbolic day to end homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying.

2016DOSposters-page-001Taking a vow of silence is an effort to show the silencing effect of bullying and harassment on queer and trans* students and those perceived to be queer or trans*.

Homophobic, transphobic and biphobic bullying takes place when someone is targeted because of their actual or perceived sexual orientation or gender identity, or that of someone within their family or friend group. As with all types of bullying, it can involve name-calling, derogatory comments, spreading of rumours, isolation, and even abuse. Phrases like “that’s so gay”, all-too-often dropped into casual conversation, can also be seen as bullying, because they can be a slur against members of the gay, trans, or bisexual communities. Often it is just the joke comments that can hurt the most.

The Day of Silence is a human rights campaign that you can all can get involved in! One way of participating is by putting tape across your face to show your support for the cause or you can wear a Day of Silence sticker, or hold on to a day of silence card. Tape, stickers and cards will all be available from the Dean’s Room on the day. The other simple way of 2016DOSposters-page-002participating is writing Day of Silence on your hand, and showing it to anyone that speaks to you. However, taking part won’t compromise your school work, you can still speak in class if you need to.

We are one of many schools that is recognising the Day of Silence. The real test though is not the day itself, it’s what we do after Friday – how do we break the silence? How do we put an end to homophobic, biphobic, transphobic bullying and make this a safe society for everybody? It might be that the new QSA might help with this, so I would encourage you to come along.

Homophobic, transphobic and biphobic bullying is not ok. However, it is ok to be who you are and to be proud of that. It is also right to be accepting of others and everything that makes each of us unique. Celebrate the diversity of our school, our society and stand up for accepting one another for who we are.

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