Dean’s Assembly – Growth Mindset


In our Dean’s Assembly the idea of the growth mindset was introduced. The growth mindset is a way of thinking that means that no matter what your experience or the feedback or the messages you got, you will always look to find the learning and use this to grow into a better person. It’s the idea that we can grow and change and learn no matter what. A growth mindset embraces challenges, puts in effort, uses feedback to improve, and knows that hard work is needed to learn. 

This video today contains powerful messages that you can take on board heading into the end of the year, that you have the power to be who you want to be. To focus on growth and development. To maximise the good that you all have inside of you. It is worth reflecting on and using to amp yourself up for a fantastic exam season ahead!

For more information about the Growth Mindset have a listen to Carol Dweck’s TED talk on the power of believing that you can improve.

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Peer Support Sign Up

Today in Dean’s Assembly peer support was launched. General information is on the slides above. For more information see Mr Lau, Ms Mills or Mr Cargill. To sign up for the training, go to this link or use the QR code:static_qr_code_without_logo-1

Peer support is an amazing opportunity to give back to the school and develop important skills. Do consider being involved and participating in this exciting part of the College.

For a trip down memory lane and to refresh some memories of Peer Support Camp, check out Cargill’s Camp Diary below:

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Spring Serenade


On Wednesday night, the Newlands College music department put on the third annual Spring Serenade. This featured many extra curricular music groups along with some students who had achieved with Excellence in their performances this year. Some of the highlights included the Jazz Ensemble and the Ukulele Orchestra who performed ‘Just Can’t Wait to be King’ from The Lion King. It was a great night overall. Thanks to our teachers for making it possible!

 – Gus Mawby (12BC)

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Hospitality: High Tea

In Hospitality we prepared a High Tea for the staff that have been working with us this year. We made brownies, scones, shortbread and club sandwiches. We also served beverages including tea and coffee. The teachers thoroughly enjoyed our food that we made and have asked us to do this every day of the year. We don’t believe this is possible but it was a nice idea. Thanks to Ms von Hartitzsch for organising the event and being a great teacher!

  – Zyan Matangi (12BC)

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Art Exhibition


Yesterday was the Level One and Two art exhibition where our photography, design and painting boards were shown in the hall. The blood sweat and tears that had gone into portraying this beautiful artwork were on display. We are all feeling happy it is over but we are really proud of our work. Thanks to our art teachers for helping us reach our potential!

 – Sharon Mani (12LD) & Shalin Mani (12CO)




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HP 48 Hours Wellington Final


The HP 48 Hours Wellington Final was a great celebration for filmmakers across Wellington, including our eight teams, some of whom were up for awards. The evening played 15 of the finest films from the region; my favourite was Party Pooper which was a really well made comedy with a entertaining script and concept. It amazes me that all of these films were created in 48 hours. The night also contained awards. The Seament was nominated for best use of prop, and three teams were nominated for Best School Team:

  • Trumpkins – ‘Final Notice‘ – Charlotte Earle and Grace Prior
  • The Seament – ‘Sheered Luck‘ – Tyler Cruse, Daphne Martinez, Jesse Rainey, Dylan Jones, Shaun Liew, Ben Murdoch, Denny Stamenov
  • Wildcats – ‘Happily Never After‘ – Lauren Eaddy, Brianna Hurst, Sammi Dyke, Isabella Lane

The winner was Trumpkins, after Grace’s acceptance speech the well deserved winning film was played. It was great to see Newlands College winning best school team for the third year in a row. Can’t wait for next year!

 – Daphne Martinez (12CO)

For more information and updates on all things Media Studies, like Newlands Media on facebook.

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Risk Management Trip

The Y12 PEX students were given the opportunity to go on the Ski Trip in Turoa ski field with the option of snowboard or ski. With very experienced teachers on board with us we had three full snow days. We had to buy our own food and supply our own meals and do our own dishes. A lot of people learnt a lot from this aspect of the trip. Being away from home gave us flourishing teenagers the chance to take on more responsibility. Students could gain up to 7 credits for managing risk and planning their activities to be a success before attempting them. Thanks to the teachers who made this trip possible and for their help and support, allowing us to reach our potential in all aspects of the trip.

 – Liam Collins (12SN) + video created by Mr Broadbent

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Upcoming: Awards & Celebrations


A range of events are occurring over the next few weeks to recongise the incredible achievements and contributions made by the students this year. They include:

  • Level 1 & 2 Art Exhibition – Tuesday 18th October, 4-6pm
  • Spring Serenade (music department showcase) – Wednesday 19th October, 7pm
  • Celebration of Sport – Thursday 20th October, 7pm – Sold out already
  • Arts Awards – poster above created by Millennium Suga, see student reception for ticket information
  • Senior Prizegiving – Wednesday 2nd November – more information to come
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5k Run – PE Assessment

[Earlier in the year] the two Physical Education classes took part in a waterfront 5k run for an assessment. We had to train for several weeks based on our own programme. The run was very tiring and was pretty much hell, until we got to jump into the sea at the end. We enjoyed our run because we felt like we achieved something.

 – Tom Horton & Caleb Sawers-McClintok (12WA)


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Noscars 2016


The 11th annual Noscars was a superb night with 22 films from the Media Studies department. They were all unique and different – and all intriguing in different ways. The films that stood out for me was Sizzle, The Great Race and Vengeance of the Fallen. Ad Astra had an amazing cinematic feel and looked so professional – so it was no surprise that it won best film. Can’t wait for next year!

 – Panashe Dindingwe (12SN)

The films that are posted online will come up on the Newlands Media facebook page.

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