Flashback – Y9 Form Representatives

In this ‘Flashback Friday’ we revisit the 2013 Form Representatives. 

Congratulations to the elected Form Class Representatives! The names below will represent their Form Class at regular Year Level meetings run by Head Girl Sachinie Wanasinghe and Board of Trustees Student Rep Mark Liew.

9CJ Chantel Gates, Lochlan Young
9LD Tharushi Nanayakkara, Joshua Steele
9LW Renee Hargreaves, Caleb Sawers-McClintock
9NP Nikaiah Basabas, Emanuel Gorges
9SL Brooklyn Leota, Callum Gibling
9SN Renee Pearce, Casey Norman
9WG Stella Lu, Benjamin Murdoch
The Form Class Representatives with Sachinie and Mark (School Exec members) and Mr Cargill (Y9 Dean)

The Form Class Reps with Sachinie & Mark (School Exec members) & Mr Cargill (Y9 Dean)

At their first meeting, the group elected Callum Gibling and Nikaiah Basabas as the school council representatives. Congratulations to these two! In the school council, each Year Level is represented by two members and the group meets regularly to discuss and deal with matters relating to the student body.

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Wa Ako – Jason Buckley

J K RowlingJason Buckley addressed the Year 13s last Friday with an inspirational talk drawing on his experiences. He is the Marketing Manager at Hells Pizza and is behind a number of their most famous marketing campaigns including some controversial marketing tactics. However, he started by never passing an exam, or gaining any qualifications. His journey (see picture) includes owning hairdressing salons and managing some high profiles Hurricanes and All Blacks. His talk was arranged by Daphne and Ben; some of Ben’s takeaways are below.


Leaving school is a daunting thought for our year level. Those who say it isn’t are either lying or haven’t actually thought about it. Jason faced the same change of leaving school that we are currently facing, the difference being Jason was thoroughly unprepared. With no school success and no qualifications Jason entered the “real world” and thrived. As we confront the fact we are leaving school at least we can find some comfort in the fact that we are as prepared as we can be for the future. Our qualifications are important, the ones we leave school with and the ones we will work to gain in the future, but these qualifications do not define us. Jason is proof of how important the character and personality of the person behind those qualifications are. It is the person that is important, so we should learn to not only believe in our qualifications, but to have some confidence in ourselves.

Despite his challenges and setbacks Jason has succeeded; so in is his words, “if I can succeed there’s nothing stopping you” and he is right. Our success will not look like Jason’s or anyone else’s success, but there is nothing stopping us from defining our own success whatever that may be.

The “real world” awaits, but there is nothing to stop us from succeeding and most importantly nothing to stop us from enjoying life.

 – Ben Murdoch (13WG)

Jason finished with six pieces of advice to sum up h20170602_121137is speech:

  1. Never give up
  2. Surround yourself with people how care
  3. Treat people the way you wanna be treated
  4. Always back yourself and be positive
  5. Always turn a negative into a positive
  6. Enjoy life
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Flashback – Emily Villanueva Shaves For a Cure!

In this ‘Flashback Friday’ we revisit the 2013 Shave for a Cure – when Emily Villanueva stepped up to raise money for Leukaemia & Blood Cancer New Zealand.

9NP supporting Emily as her hair is shaved off!

Friday Form Time, Emily Villanueva took a deep breath and shaved all her hair as part of shave for a cure. She is the fourth person in the school after Mrs Karen Matthews (English teacher), Mr Anthony Lander (Music teacher), and Logan Sayers (Y12) were all shaved in a crowded hall on Monday. Emily had her Form class on hand to support her and told the following powerful story of why she was taking part:

“I had this friend back in primary, most people from St. Brigid’s will know her and she was one of my best friends. Back when we were six she was diagnosed with cancer and had to take chemotherapy, which was really hard for her as you can imagine little girls at that age would be obsessed with keeping their hair long. But she had to wear a wig and a Mr Lau with the shaver and Ms Nepata, Form Teacherhat everyday. When we were about 8 or so the chemo worked and we were really relieved and her hair grew back. 3 years later we found out that she had a relapse and had to go to Christchurch for treatment. After about a year and a bit of skyping she came back cured. But it wasn’t until a couple weeks ago that we found out that she had yet another relapse. I thought this was extremely devastating for her and her family, I mean getting diagnosed once was enough, but three times? So when the announcement came out for shave for a cure I decided if she can do it three times I can do it once.”

Emily has a page on the shave for a cure website, and is almost halfway to her target or $500. She says: “Also for everyone that donated, thank you so much whether it was just 5 bucks or 50 it probably means a lot to every kid out there with cancer.

Emily at the completion of the shave!

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Massey Uni – College of Creative Arts


Massey University Wellington are happy to announce that registrations to attend our College of Creative Arts (CoCA) Student Experience Day are now open! Friday 30 June 2017 from 9.30 – 3 pm, see Ms Featherstone for more information.

Also, an incredible opportunity in the upcoming holidays: Massey are offering Commercial Music and Creative Media Production Immersion Days on the 14th July. Free to attend, however it is a must to register and some workshops are capped – so first in, first served. See The flyers below, and again talk to Ms Featherstone to register through the school.




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Wa Ako – Stefan McLean

In latest in our series of Wa Ako addresses, old boy Stefan McLean came in to speak to the cohort. Since leaving in 2015 he has been studying at Victoria University towards a law and arts degree as well as working part time at Parliament as a Policy, Research and Communications Assistant in the Office of MP, Brett Hudson. He spoke about the upcoming election from an apolitical perspective: urging the students to participate in our democracy.

Stefan was a Youth MP when he was a keen history student at Newlands College, and volunteered for the Waitangi Tribunal in order to gain experience and open doors that led to working in the political system. He spoke passionately about the power of democracy and the power of the citizens. Challenging questions like ‘Why do citizens vote? Why do we have democracy?’ were asked. He spoke about how we are all equal under a parliamentary system because we run off a rules based system. Freedom of religion, press, assembly – all these things make a democracy. We use these principals to make the world a better place and we ensure this by voting and participating in the democracy.

NZ could be accused of being complacent when it comes to voting and taking democracy for granted – youth voting rates are particularly low. He urged the Y13s to not be fearful of democracy. We can’t let our democracy erode. We need to be proud of our democracy and participate. Voting is a lifelong responsibility.

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Careers Expo


From JET Magazine:

Each year tens of thousands of New Zealand youth and hundreds of schools attend the Careers Expo across the country to engage directly with the experts that can advise them on their career and transition aspirations; employers, industry bodies, tertiary and training providers, service and support groups.

All the Y13s have the opportunity to attend the Careers Expo this coming Friday. A letter has been provided for them at last week’s wa ako and an email also sent around with details. Be in quick to get a place on the gold coin bus that will take you down to TSB arena for Friday afternoon. See Ms Featherstone or Mr Cargill with any questions. Note the Expo also continues on Saturday, so it could be an event to put on the calendar then as well.

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Ball 2017

The annual Newlands College Ball was held last night at Te Papa. Everyone looked fantastic dressed up, and a fun night appeared to be had by all! The following are a few snaps from the night. Official photos from the professional photographers can be found on this link!

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Flashback – Ball 2016

In this ‘Flashback Friday’ we revisit the last year’s ball, anticipating another fabulous event this Saturday. 

The annual Newlands College Ball was held last night at Te Papa. A superb night of couture, laughs, delicious food and dancing was had! The following are a few snaps from the night. Official photos from the professional photographers can be found on this link!

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Wa Ako – Active Learning Stories

Active learning is taking place in Wa Ako at the moment. We are building towards two days off timetable in Week Nine where a number of projects will manifest and some impressive ideas will come to life. The following stories were just two of the many shared today at the staff’s professional learning session. (Click here for last year’s examples).

Active learning is something that more accidentally happened for me this year. I didn’t have a active learning project to begin the year with so I turned my focus into what was happening for me in 2018. Through a connection on staff I ended up emailing Steve Logan from Logan Brown and was invited in for a coffee. This led to working shifts at Logan Brown, not doing dishes, but actually preparing the food.

I’m not just on websites trying to figure out what to do next year, I’m actually out there doing it trying to figure out how to keep doing it next year. I simply started with the question: ‘What am I going to do and how am I going to do it?’ And followed through from there. The key challenge for me is not actually knowing what to do when on the job in the kitchen. But the learning for me is about asking questions and being open to advice, guidance and support so that I can develop the skills to be successful.

 – Ben Murdoch (13WG)

I am part of a group of Year 12 and 13 students have been planning a project as part of Active Learning, which involves a day of amazing Science experiments that we hope will inspire more students to develop an interest in the Sciences.

The idea began when I began to notice that there were many students that didn’t choose a Science subject as they passed through high school, or there were some students that didn’t choose to follow through with Science to Year 12 or Year 13. As I thought about it, I realized that most of these students did not leave the Sciences behind because they didn’t like it, but rather because they didn’t want to study it for the purpose of passing a test. I also noticed that the majority of students that did keep Science as a subject had a genuine desire to learn more about the Sciences.

So, I decided that there must be a way to inspire people to take an interest in the Sciences so that they can see it as more than a subject, and rather as the study of how the world works. When we were presented with the opportunity to take up a project of our choice for Active Learning, it was the perfect opportunity to do something about it. So together with some other eager Year 12 and Year 13 students (Rachel Wilson, Becka Tiongson, Shine Wu, Ruth Cabahug, Aneesa Delpachitra and Ryan Mass) we set about doing something that could make a real difference, and have an impact on the future generation. As a group we came up with the idea of involving our neighbour, Newlands Intermediate.

We plan to use the two days we have been given at the end of June, June 29th and June 30th for this ‘programme’. We have several options of how we can run these two days, and we will arrange it to suit however many classes the Intermediate would like to send to us. The plan is to have sessions which last for an hour with three stations. We aim to have a class (or 1/3 of the group) at each station for 20 minutes, and rotate through all three of the stations.

We are well on the way to making this a reality and have even begun taking steps to turn this into a business venture as well.

 – Clarice du Toit (13CO)

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Upcoming: Shave for a Cure – 2017

Newlands main imageNewlands College Shave for a Cure 2017 edition is underway! A large group of students and Mr Miller are going to shave for this outstanding cause. This is not the first time the school has got on board with this event. Last year, Jesse Rainey, Charlotte Gill, Josh Steele and Mr Cargill all took part, and Emily Villanueva led the charge back in Year 9! See below for the views of the people taking part and click on their names to be taken to their fundraising pages.

As I am in my last year at Newlands College, I decided to try make my last year not only memorable for me but also for the rest of the school, this includes singing lead in our school’s Male Barbershop quartet, my role on school exec as Rimu House Captain and as a Peer Support leader. I’m taking part in this event to not only fundraise as much money possible, but to also help set an example for the other students which follow, just as I was inspired by my mate Jesse Rainey, and my Dean Mr Cargill who did it last year. Just from researching I was able to see how much of a difference Shave for a Cure is making for the 6 Kiwis which are diagnosed with a blood cancer or related condition every day.

As a team, we are aiming to fundraise at least $2000 to go towards this cause, while I am personally aiming to raise $500. On Friday 16th June, myself and the other shavees will be hosting a sausage sizzle before the event on the 23rd, where the proceeds will go towards our team donations. It would be awesome if you could sponsor me and help support this great cause!!

 – Michael Chang (13UY)

Year 13 is the year to get involved with anything and everything I can. Not only doing things to benefit myself but a lot to help others along the way too. This is one of the things I’m into hopefully help out in some way and give back.

 – Tiarne Southon (13WG)

I was inspired to look into shaving for a cure when my friend Emily Villanueva shaved her head in year 9. I’ve finally got enough courage to shave my head to raise some funds for this awesome cause. Please get behind us and support us, cancer is such a heartbreaking disease and all the victims, especially the kids with blood and skin cancer could do so much with the money that we raise. Every dollar counts.

 – Jess Mok (13WA)

Cancer has a major impact on society. Millions of people are diagnosed with cancer every year. In 2012, there were 8.2 million cancer related deaths worldwide. Shave for a Cure is a great opportunity to show supports for those who are suffering. Now, in my last year of high school, I have decided to help support this cause. Unfortunately, I’m not able to shave my head due to my religion, but I’m still going to participate and by cutting my hair short as another way to support them. So please sponsor me and the others so we could help these people and change their life.

 – Shadrina Assegaf (13CO)

I decided to join the Newlands College Shave for a Cure team this year because it’s a way that I can give back to my community, and help the hundreds of Kiwis that are diagnosed with leukemia and blood cancer every year.

This year students from Newlands College, including myself, are shaving our hair off to raise money for this amazing cause. For all of us participating, this is our first time shaving our hair, and because of that we want to make this year the best Shave for a Cure year that Newlands College has ever had.

Our team goal for this year is to reach $2,000 in donations towards research for leukemia and blood cancer in New Zealand. We are currently 43% of the way there, and all donations are greatly appreciated.

 – Jack Matterson (13CO)

I decided to do something useful for my last year so I thought why not do shave for a cure to give back to the community.

– David Fale (13CO)

In the past I have been involved with 40 hour Famine, which gave me a taste of the importance of helping people in need. This year, Shave for a Cure is something that I have become very passionate about over time and really feel like I can bring the horrific statistic of 6 people being diagnosed with cancer every day to many people’s attention by shaving my head bald.

 – Kyran van Asch (13WG)

Click on these links to find the fundraising pages for Pia HormothMr Miller and the team page can be found here.

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