Well-being is all about feeling comfortable, healthy and happy. Over the course of the life of this blog, various posts have reflected this theme. This page is about centralising these posts to help anyone that is looking for support.

For Parents and Carers

For parents (although this resource could be helpful for anyone) the best link to start with is the Ministry of Education well-being page which is hub for all the tools and resources available for parents and carers to support their child’s wellbeing. Furthermore, the Mental Health Foundation website contains lots of resources, stories and information that might be useful.

Health and Wellness Days

In Y11 and Y12 these days had different focuses in order to support a deeper understanding of health related topics. These posts summarise the sessions:

Attitude Presentations

These presentations have taken place across the last few years and contain some strong advice. For more information, see the Attitude Website or like their facebook page.


Other posts have related to well-being, including:

Where to get help?