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Exam Guide with Kiya Basabas

It’s nearly that exciting time of the year for everyone again: our NCEA examinations. Academic Captain Kiya Basabas is here to remind you of the do’s and don’ts of exam season, so without further ado, here is an NCEA Exam … Continue reading

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School Exam Timetable 2017

The above timetable has been emailed out to all students – the direct link to the timetable is here. Note: Students doing exams with multiple sittings eg 1TCD ,2/3MED INT, will be told by their teacher which sessions they are … Continue reading

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Exam Anxiety

Heading into Exam season it is worth acknowledging that a challenge for many is the anxiety felt around exams. This is a normal feeling that a lot of people experience, but there are strategies you can employ to minimise the impact … Continue reading

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Big Think

Big Think presented their story and their programmes to both the Y11s and Y12s at today’s assembly. The exam preparation courses for L2 Maths and English are running in October at Victoria University. This is a great opportunity to learning … Continue reading

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Study Smarter – Part V: Exam Technique

The Y12 Blog has been posting posting a five part smarter study series based on webinars hosted by Karen Boyes (previous posts are here, here, here and here). She is an education guru that has become a leader in New Zealand for … Continue reading

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Writing – AsTTle Test

Year 10 students today all attended and completed a writing test in the hall which is currently set up for examinations that the senior students are sitting. The test was asking for a writing sample, prompting the students to write … Continue reading

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Study Skills – Part Four – In the Exam Advice

Studyit has some really good advice for what to do in an exam. Below is a list of some of their top tips: Stay calm. Relax. Stay focused. Have confidence in yourself. Answer the easiest question first to get yourself … Continue reading

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