Flashback: Noscars 2013

Flashback Friday looks back five years to the 2013 Noscars. This week’s Noscars was an outstanding success and a blogpost capturing that work is coming soon!

The 2013 Noscars was another outstandingly successful night showcasing the sensational film making talent within the college. The night opened with an introduction video that got everyone into the spirit of the evening:

Noscars 2013

The seventeen films on display were all very well received. You can see the films as they are posted by the filmmakers on the Newlands Media Facebook Page. The Noscars trophies were presented as follows:

And the ultimate prize of the Noscar for best film went to:


Forget Me Not is an outstanding film, a mature look at ageing and the fear of growing beyond our memories. One of the most remarkable things about the film is how it has tapped into some universal ideas meaning the film had an impact on the whole audience, including its youngest members. The maturity and sophistication behind every thought provoking shot in this remarkable film reveals an incredible filmmaking talent. Watch it here:

Congratulations to every Noscar filmmaker and especially to the Newlands community who got behind the event, filled the embassy theatre and made #Noscars2013 trend higher than #AmericasCup!

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Wa Ako – Future Focus Session Four

Here is an updated timetable of the four remaining weeks:

Wa Ako Timtable v4

See this doc to remind yourself of what you have chosen for week four – a physical copy is displayed in the foyer of the library. If you would like to change your option, we would prefer that you resubmit the form or talk to Mr Cargill. In particular for students that want to switch to SADD as this had to be rescheduled to this week after the initial choices were made. If none of these options match your learning needs, you should be going to the application support cafe which is a relaxed environment where you are welcome to get on with anything related to preparing for your future and a teacher will be there to help guide you and support any questions you have.

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Dean’s Assembly – Well-Being

Today Mr Cargill shared a story around depression and anxiety. The purpose was to help break the stigma attached to talking about mental health. See Mr Cargill or Mr Mulholland for more details about what was discussed, or if you would like to debrief the contents further. 

There is a range of resources available out there. Youthline runs a youth helpline, counseling, support and youth development services – Talking to someone helps. Call 0800 376633 or Free TXT 234 for support.

The Well-Being Hub contains a range of links on the issues raised today.

The metaphor of the Black Dog was used today, explained in the video below. A second video ‘Living with a Black Dog’ is a guide for partners, carers and sufferers of depression.

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Wa Ako – Future Focus Session Three

Here is an updated timetable of the four remaining weeks:

Wa Ako Timetable v3

See this doc to remind yourself of what you have chosen for week two – a physical copy is displayed in the foyer of the library. If you would like resubmit the form option, we would prefer that you resubmit the form or talk to Mr Cargill. Note the changes that were summarised last week.

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Pasifika Professional Learning

The staff Professional Learning focus for today was on Pasifika cultures. We were privileged to hear the voices of some of our Pasifika student leaders deliver presentations. In the session, hosted by K’Shana, we were challenged to think about what the Pasifika students bring to Newlands College.


Stefanija talked to the whole staff about holding two different cultures in her identity: Samoan and Latvian. She talked about about how we needed to be open to the concept of being two things, and that what we present on the outside might not tell the whole story. She encouraged us all to think twice about having pre-conceived notions because there are already enough people doing that.

Renee spoke about what the Pasifika students bring to the school. She summarised it with three things:

  • Pride in our culture
  • Passion and talents
  • New ways of learning

She gave examples of all these things including what community means and the sisterhood, brotherhood and spirit of me whakamatau that is in the school. She finished by saying: “We are not just your priority learners we are so much more than that. We are not a stereotype.”

K’Shana set out to answer the questions: What positives are in our DNA? To do so she reflected on her whole school journey and was really honest about her experiences. She talked about her growth of self-confidence and struggle to find her culture in her voice at Newlands College because of the fight against the stereotypes of the western world. She discussed the positives that Pasifika students brings such as humour (to balances the seriousness of life), loud and proud mouths, a realistic and strong-minded approach, sporting and musical talents, and the dynamic of more cultures. Most importantly, our Pasifika students bring a sense of family within the larger Newlands College family.

The three speakers were absolutely outstanding, bringing the staff so much to reflect on. It was a very special Thursday morning and we are really grateful for their stories.

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Flashback – Shakespeare Day

In this Flashback Friday check out Shakespeare Day from 2014. The current Year 10s have their Shakespeare Day next Wednesday. 

On the 19th of September, the entire Year 10 group came to school for Shakespeare Day. It happens only once a year and is just for Year 10 to participate in. The day started off with an exciting performance in the Hall by two actors who delivered excerpts from different Shakespeare plays. They were both super funny and cute when they kissed.


After that each student went off to their chosen workshops which varied from stage combat and Elizabeathan dancing to CSI Shakespeare style and even cooking like traditional Elizabethan.

Then the most exciting bit: the Amazing Race! This sent groups of students around Newlands to find clues and prizes completing Shakespearean themed activities on the way. Congratulations to Vimbai, Sammani, Talitha and Tharushi who won the Amazing Race.

After a shared lunch with our Form Classes we saw performances by Year 12s and Y13s. Also prizes were given out for best dressed Shakespearean gentleman (Jan Galera), lady (me!), boy group (Casey, Logan, Shaun, Tyler) and girl group (Zara, Lateefah, Panashe, and Emily).

Shakespeare Day was so fantastic and full of fun. Although our muscles were all sore from the running in the Amazing Race, everyone was glad they took part. I wish it could happen every year!

– Safia Cole (10SN)

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Wa Ako – Future Focus Sessions – Week Two

Here is an updated timetable of the five remaining weeks:

Wa Ako TImetable

See this doc to remind yourself of what you have chosen for week two – a physical copy is displayed in the foyer of the library.

Some changes to the programme have been made. Geeves Scaffolding will no longer be coming in due to lack of interest – replaced by a Students Against Dangerous Driving postponed from last week. Pact will now offer two sessions on ‘safer partying with drugs and alcohol’ with a focus on harm reduction for young adults. First aid is no longer an option due to the lack of an appropriate outside provider. To update your options, fill in the form again, or see Mr Cargill.

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Study Time – Holiday Workshops


StudyTime are offering holiday workshops for Level Three subjects (English, Statistics, Calculus, Physics, Biology and Chemistry). They will cover the three externals for each subject. See their website for more information.

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Flashback – Writing Week

In this Flashback Friday we go back to Year 9 and writing week in English. The current year 9s have their presentations displayed in the library. The 2013 edition of this event had some pretty cool displays too…

Writing week in English class has come to a close! (See previous post on Writing Week to find out what it is all about). After a hard slog of a week, the final outcomes look absolutely outstanding displayed in the library. Here are some pictures from lunchtime where the writing is being displayed. More official pictures and the Writing Week results will come through in a couple of weeks.

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Wa Ako – Future Focus Sessions

Here is an updated timetable of the six week plan that has been created:

Wa ako Timetable

Rooms are now on the schedule. A roll will be taken at each location.

There has had to be a change to the schedule to accommodate the Students Against Dangerous Driving workshop. This will now happen at the end of the term. Any student that signed up for this workshop tomorrow is now invited to the library cafe where teachers will be available to run mini workshops, or support you with any applications you are undertaking. You can redo the form later on to take up this option.

For those of you uncertain of what you selected, a list is available here and a physical list will be posted in the library. A similar system will support future weeks. The library will act as an organisational hub for these sessions. If you are uncertain of where to go, or you haven’t filled out the form and therefore your name isn’t on the list – go to the library. Mr Cargill or other members of the guidance team will be there to help you out.

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