The Newlands College Class of 2013 Blog will celebrate success, highlight key events and keep in touch with everything that concerns the year group.

There are many aspects behind the rationale to starting this blog:

  • Today’s online environment offers the potential to transform teaching and learning. It is an important platform to be involved in.
  • The blog will help bridge the gap between home and Newlands College.
  • The blog will provide a real world audience for students who make contributions. It will help promote participation and contribution to the community, one of the key competencies of the NZ curriculum.
  • It allows easy sharing of text, photos, videos, and links to other content on the web that relates to our year level.
  • Blogs foster ownership and choice. This will be an important part of our year level identity and give us an online presence to be proud of.

In regular posts we will celebrate successes of the year group, photos and videos of various activities, include updates from our seven Form Classes, and other things that are happening around Newlands College. I look forward to your readership over the years.

Jerome Cargill (CG)
Y12 Dean 2016

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