Kiya Basabas – Stockley Cup Winning Speech

The Stockley Cup is the premier public speaking competition for high school students in the Wellington region. Held annually, the competition brings together the best public speakers and orators from dozens of schools to speak on ideas such as racism, feminism, the relationship between parents and kids, and religion.

Last year in 2016, Kiya Basabas made history by being the first Newlands College student to ever claim this prize. This year in 2017, she made history again by winning the competition for the second year in a row. There are very little words that can capture the scale of this success. The speech stands for itself, recorded a week later in a Dean’s Assembly:

Please do share this video widely. And congratulations Kiya – you’ve not only made us so proud; you’ve also moved us all with your beautiful words and powerful message.

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