Exam Guide with Kiya Basabas

It’s nearly that exciting time of the year for everyone again: our NCEA examinations. Academic Captain Kiya Basabas is here to remind you of the do’s and don’ts of exam season, so without further ado, here is an NCEA Exam prep guide – in her words – with the help of her good friend, Mitchell Laws.

Kiya 1

What to do before the exam

  • Note the time and venue of your exam and put a reminder on your phone. Make sure you aim to turn up at least 20 minutes before the start of the exam (morning exams start at 9:30am, afternoon exams start at 2:00pm)
  • If you catch public transport to school then allow for the possibility that your bus or train may be late – so you may need to catch an earlier bus! (Note: if you arrive more than 30 minutes after the start of the exam you will NOT be able to sit the exam)

Kiya 2

What to bring to the exam

  • Your admission slip (go to the library on the day of your exam to get a new one printed if you have lost it OR you can reprint your slip through the students and learners login link on the NZQA website)
  • Photo ID (eg. your school ID or driver’s licence to help the supervisor confirm your identity – this is especially  important for scholarship exams!)
  • All the necessary equipment for your exam in a clear plastic bag or pencil case (eg. blue pens, rulers, approved calculator)
  • If you wish, items for an emergency evacuation in a clear sealable plastic bag. These items could include a mobile phone (switched off!) keys, bus pass, medicines

Kiya 3

What not to bring to the exam

  • Any paper (except your admission slip)
  • Pencils, red and green pens, twink (exams where these are used will be marked but can’t be accepted for review or reconsiderations)
  • Notes of any form
  • Smart watches and electronic dictionaries
  • Phones (unless they are switched off and in your emergency evacuation pack)

Kiya 4

What to do in the exam

  • Listen to and follow the instructions of the supervisor
  • Check you are sitting in the right desk
  • Check that your pack of answer books has your NSN and exam code as listed on your admission slip and check you have all the papers that you are entered for
  • Put up your hand if you have any problems or need extra paper
  • Write only in the papers that you wish to be marked and write neatly, so your work can be read by the marker
  • Cross out any work that is not to be marked if you make a mistake

Kiya 5

What not to do in the exam

  • Talk or communicate in anyway with other students
  • Leave the exam room within the first 45 minutes or the last 15 minutes
  • Copy another student’s work
  • Touch or open your emergency evacuation pack without the permission of a supervisor

Kiya 6

At the end of the exam

  • Stop writing when the supervisor tells you the exam has ended
  • Hand in all of your answer books
  • Label any extra pages used and put them into the plastic bag provided along with the correct answer book

Kiya 7

Thanks everyone for listening. All the best for your exams, and please give it up for Mitchell Laws!

 – Kiya Basabas (13BL)

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