Wa Ako – Final Two Sessions

Here is an updated timetable of the last two remaining weeks:

Wa Ako - v5

Previously we have encouraged you to go to the options you selected when this programme was launched. For the final two weeks these selections won’t be posted and you will be able to select the two options that best suits you and your learning on the day. Please note, an outside provider, Pact, is coming in to run the drugs and alcohol session so we would really encourage your attendance at this session (repeated over the next two weeks). This will be run without teachers in the room and is about giving you real strategies for managing risks with drugs and alcohol in a University or post-leaving school environments. Furthermore, the library should be where you go if the other four options do not suit. This will be an opportunity to work on applications, and get support from teachers there to discuss anything related to life after school.

Note that some previous sessions and the accompanying resources have been posted on the blog in the last few weeks (Citizen’s Advice Bureau & Job interviews) with more to come. Please use those resources!

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