Flashback: Noscars 2013

Flashback Friday looks back five years to the 2013 Noscars. This week’s Noscars was an outstanding success and a blogpost capturing that work is coming soon!

The 2013 Noscars was another outstandingly successful night showcasing the sensational film making talent within the college. The night opened with an introduction video that got everyone into the spirit of the evening:

Noscars 2013

The seventeen films on display were all very well received. You can see the films as they are posted by the filmmakers on the Newlands Media Facebook Page. The Noscars trophies were presented as follows:

And the ultimate prize of the Noscar for best film went to:


Forget Me Not is an outstanding film, a mature look at ageing and the fear of growing beyond our memories. One of the most remarkable things about the film is how it has tapped into some universal ideas meaning the film had an impact on the whole audience, including its youngest members. The maturity and sophistication behind every thought provoking shot in this remarkable film reveals an incredible filmmaking talent. Watch it here:

Congratulations to every Noscar filmmaker and especially to the Newlands community who got behind the event, filled the embassy theatre and made #Noscars2013 trend higher than #AmericasCup!

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