Flashback – Whitireia Visit

On this ‘Flashback Friday,’ the day where the majority of the cohort will be visiting Massey or Victoria University and taking part in their open days, we revisit the year level’s trip to Whitirea…

photo 4 (2)

The Whiteria field trip is undertaken by all Y10 Form Classes. It covers the structure of Tertiary education and gave the students an insight to what this looks like at Whitireia’s Porirua campus. Below is some of the photos from 10NP, 10WG and 10WA’s visit and some soundbites from the students that went on the trip.

We are here at Whitireia to learn about territory education and the different pathways that people can take.

– Tiarne Southon (10WG)

I learnt about what polytechs offers and how they are different to universities.

– Amelia Powdrell (10WG)

I learned about doctorates and masters degrees which you can get at universities.

– Adam Van Der Vorn (10WA)

I thought university was the only option after school, but you can also get a job from a Polytech. Whitireia offers practical hands on stuff and it sound really interesting.

– Robert Me’afo’ou (10WA)

We learnt about different types of qualifications, like if you don’t get NCEA L1 then there are foundation courses that help you to gain it. Polytechs also offer some bachelor degrees.

– Jordan Borchowsky (10NP)

It made me think about what I want to do when I’m older and relate to the choices that I might make for a career

– Danica Fontein (10WG)

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