Wa Ako – Future Focus Sessions Launch

It is with great pride and excitement that we launch the wa ako programme for the remainder of the year. The Year 13 approach to wa ako for 2017 has been to offer opportunities. We have had a plethora of guest speakers come into the school and a range of opportunities including active learning to further our citizenship and contribution to the school life. Now we turn to life after school and have created a programme out of the requests that you have made. In Form Time next week you will map your selections. Here is the programme:


It contains a range of sessions that the guidance team have created and will deliver ourselves as well as a range of one off guest speakers/workshops from outside providers. Y13s will have full control over your programme and will be able to plan their programme. A number of the sessions repeat offering a range of pathways. Each week a supervised library cafe session will be offered. This is to address any area that isn’t part of the programme, or for support with applications etc. A short explanation of each of the sessions follows:

Budgeting and Money

Learn about budgeting and money after moving out of home using resources such as the Sorted website. Activities will make you think about prioritising spending and planning a sample budget.

CVs and Cover Letters

Using a range of resources online, this session will help support you to complete or spruce up your CV. You’ll walk away with models of cover letters as well to use in the future.

Being a Tenant – Flatting

Learn about being a tenant in 2018. How to find a flat, what to expect from the process and what your rights are. You’ll be introduced to lots of resources to help you navigate the complex world of flatting.

Flatting and Food

Ready to cook for yourself once you move out of home? This session will look at simple tips and tricks to eat healthy (and at low cost) in all your future flats.

Travel and Exchanges

This session will help students weighing up whether to take a gap year or to travel overseas. You’ll learn what to prepare and also hear from ex-Newlands students who have gone down this track.

Job Interviews

In this practical session you’ll learn some tricks for presenting yourself successfully in a job interview. Practice makes perfect! Learn to answer those tricky questions.

StudyLink and Loan Applications

How will you pay for your study? Learn about how StudyLink works and the application process for student loans, including student allowances.

While all the above sessions are offered at least twice, a range of one-off session are also offered including:

Students Against Dangerous Driving

This student led session will empower us to prevent loss on our roads. Check out this clip to find out more about SADD.

Dream Big: Engineering Our World

Exclusive screening of this first of its kind 45min film, transforming how we think about engineering. Dream Big celebrates the human ingenuity behind engineering marvels big and small. See the trailer here.

Your Education

Elise Munden from Your Education will run a session exploring possible travel exchanges that you might undertake as early as this summer!

Lieutenant Commander Prima McIntosh, Defence Legal Services

LTCDR McIntosh will share her experiences in the Royal NZ Navy. As a Legal Advisor she has served abroad including a deployment to Afghanistan. For her full bio, click here.

Citizens Advice Bureau

Ken Gurney from the Citizens Advice Bureau will come to present a session about knowing and understanding your rights and obligations as citizens.

Geeves Scaffolding

The scaffolding industry is crying out for workers as the construction industry continues to expand. Find out about scaffolding work and talk face to face with your potential employer!

Health Focus

Theses sessions are to be confirmed. We hope to be able to offer something that extends from the learning of our previous health days and looks at skills for navigating health issues after school.

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