Wa Ako – Richard Longman

Richard Longman is an alumni of Newlands College (1985 to 1989). He is now a corporate finance partner in the Deals practice of PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers) in Wellington. The Year 13s had the opportunity to hear his story and some ideas in a Wa Ako session. Some of his ideas are captured here.

Richard talked about his background and the change that happened when he was growing up like David Lange becoming Prime Minister in 1984 and the major reform that saved the country. He shared his story, how he went from failing his first University paper to the success of getting his first job at PwC that he got from Student Job Search. He has done deals with big clients such as buying Caltex for Z or selling TradeMe to running a large log transport business.

During his address he often referred to the idea of continuing to learn everyday of your life. Richard touched on the future of work and the exponential growth in technological advancement and the implications of that. Whatever your trade or your career, however threatened your position is by artificial intelligence or digital alternatives, continue to learn and be open to new learning.

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