Sports Captain Inspiration – Audrey Martinez

CaptureFrom the number of faces on this image, what is something they all have in common? All of these athletes were successful at inspiring people because of how great they were at their sports. And, all of them have also lost their endorsements, around $1 million to $150 million USD, because of their mistakes and decisions when they were not playing their sports. Earlier in the year some students attended the Aspire conference for young athletes, where presenters spoke about a variety of subjects that covered what us young athletes should aspire to be and one of them was inner fitness. Since winter sport has arrived and settled so quickly, we cannot stray from the importance of being a good person.

I’m very proud with the way we have performed this year, but I know we can do much better in terms of our Me Whakamatau attitude. Throughout the presentations at the conference, the reoccurring theme was ultimately that to be a great athlete you must be a great person.

People like Mika Vukona from the NZ Breakers, Andrew Durante from the Wellington Phoenix and Catherine Tuivaiti from the Central Pulse have agreed that who you are a person is the foundation of your life as an athlete and that your character is much more important that your reputation. These people are players who have endured hardships but have been successful in their sporting codes. Throughout the conference, they expressed that what you do off the field, court or wherever you play inspires people to be just like you. You all have the opportunity to showcase who you are on and off playing your sport, meaning you are an example for people in and around our community.


Newlands College is a place where there are people who believe you can do your very best in sport, for this year and the years to come. For athletes who have a dream and passion for higher levels of sport, just know that people choose you not only your skills but who you are as a person. For the remainder of the sporting season, think about how you can develop your sporting performance, what values you hold and most importantly think about how you can better your character, because at the end of humanity is much bigger than sport.

 – Audrey Martinez (13UY)

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