Flashback – Variety Show 2013

In this ‘Flashback Friday’ we revisit the 2013 Variety Show with a review from Kiya Basabas. Note that auditions for this year’s Variety Show are coming up very soon!

The variety show for this year was such a hit; the school hall being filled with plenty of excited people of different ages, ready to be amazed at all the talent that students of Newlands College could bring to the stage. The acts varied from solo singers to fabulous dancers, rocking bands to sweet duets, eye-watering comedy to fantastic musicians, and a range of instruments you may have never even heard of.

The show was hosted by the lovely year 13’s in the Student Executive, including James and Sachinie our head boy and head girl. Although each and every act was definitely of high-quality, my absolute favourite that stood out the most was the act ‘Scrumptious,’ a mix of songs performed by the group which held the winning title of the Lip Sync Competition this year. Their act was full of comedy and bust-a-groove moves that brought so much cheer to the audience.

Just as everybody thought that the night couldn’t get any better than it already was, the unbelievable finale was the most surprising and memorable moment of the night. The teachers, including the magnificent Mr Cargill our year 9 dean, sprung out from behind the curtains and put on an amazing parody of the famous X Factor. The audience went wild, some even giving standing ovations – that was probably the loudest moment I have yet witnessed in the Newlands College school hall.

Those two nights of Wednesday the 28th and Thursday the 29th of August, 2013 will definitely be an unforgettable experience that will somehow always be in the back of our minds.

– Nikaiah Basabas (9NP)

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