Flashback – Writing Ambassadors

In this ‘Flashback Friday’ we revisit a curriculum initiative which gathered some juniors to support the school’s inquiry into literacy and writing. 

The school staff meet every Thursday morning for Professional Development, hence the late start for students. In 2013 the focus has been literacy and writing, and one of the aspect that the staff has explored is the AsTTle writing tool.

This is where the writing ambassadors have come in. Several Y9 and Y10 students have volunteered their time to work on developing some student voice in and around the key areas of writing: vocabularly, spelling, ideas, sentence structure, punctuation, and organisation. They have worked in small groups extending their understanding of writing, and producing resources to help staff and other students understand the steps that one must take to improve their writing. These resources is what they presented to the staff.

Here are a couple of examples of the Vocabularly that were created:

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Punctuation Presentation - how Zara and Emily understand the steps to great punctuation

Punctuation Presentation – how Zara and Emily understand the steps to great punctuation

Zara Dunlop-Storey and Emily Dunstan presented about punctuation:
– “Level Four you are using punctuation correctly at the end of the sentences, full stops and capital letters, but you still need to work on the punctuation in the middle of the sentences”
They produced a sensational punctuation poster that will be displayed around the school.

Siana Whatarau and Angela Montenegro presented ideas for scientific writing:
– “for level three it is an idea that is related to the topic and shows some knowledge”
– “level six are ideas that are chosen well and are effective and detailed”

Tiarne Southon and Josh Steele presented about sentence structure:
– “sentence structure is the grammatical arrangement of words and sentences, the impact words have in sentences and their role”
– “In rubric five there is some variety with the sentences, so you are learning to put a bit of feeling into it”

Casey Norman and Safia Cole presented about spelling. They put a spelling mistake in each slide and the first staff member to spot it got a chocolate.
– “it’s really hard to make spelling interesting, because it is not interesting”
– “at this level students can spell some commonly used words and will attempt to spell more difficult words”

Congratulations to all the writing ambassadors (including those in Y10!). It was a stunning presentation, with the articulation of some many intricate aspects of writing the staff were left very impressed, and very informed.

The writing ambassadors with Ms King

The writing ambassadors with Ms King who has coordinated the group

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