Wa Ako – Jason Buckley

J K RowlingJason Buckley addressed the Year 13s last Friday with an inspirational talk drawing on his experiences. He is the Marketing Manager at Hells Pizza and is behind a number of their most famous marketing campaigns including some controversial marketing tactics. However, he started by never passing an exam, or gaining any qualifications. His journey (see picture) includes owning hairdressing salons and managing some high profiles Hurricanes and All Blacks. His talk was arranged by Daphne and Ben; some of Ben’s takeaways are below.


Leaving school is a daunting thought for our year level. Those who say it isn’t are either lying or haven’t actually thought about it. Jason faced the same change of leaving school that we are currently facing, the difference being Jason was thoroughly unprepared. With no school success and no qualifications Jason entered the “real world” and thrived. As we confront the fact we are leaving school at least we can find some comfort in the fact that we are as prepared as we can be for the future. Our qualifications are important, the ones we leave school with and the ones we will work to gain in the future, but these qualifications do not define us. Jason is proof of how important the character and personality of the person behind those qualifications are. It is the person that is important, so we should learn to not only believe in our qualifications, but to have some confidence in ourselves.

Despite his challenges and setbacks Jason has succeeded; so in is his words, “if I can succeed there’s nothing stopping you” and he is right. Our success will not look like Jason’s or anyone else’s success, but there is nothing stopping us from defining our own success whatever that may be.

The “real world” awaits, but there is nothing to stop us from succeeding and most importantly nothing to stop us from enjoying life.

 – Ben Murdoch (13WG)

Jason finished with six pieces of advice to sum up h20170602_121137is speech:

  1. Never give up
  2. Surround yourself with people how care
  3. Treat people the way you wanna be treated
  4. Always back yourself and be positive
  5. Always turn a negative into a positive
  6. Enjoy life
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