Flashback – Emily Villanueva Shaves For a Cure!

In this ‘Flashback Friday’ we revisit the 2013 Shave for a Cure – when Emily Villanueva stepped up to raise money for Leukaemia & Blood Cancer New Zealand.

9NP supporting Emily as her hair is shaved off!

Friday Form Time, Emily Villanueva took a deep breath and shaved all her hair as part of shave for a cure. She is the fourth person in the school after Mrs Karen Matthews (English teacher), Mr Anthony Lander (Music teacher), and Logan Sayers (Y12) were all shaved in a crowded hall on Monday. Emily had her Form class on hand to support her and told the following powerful story of why she was taking part:

“I had this friend back in primary, most people from St. Brigid’s will know her and she was one of my best friends. Back when we were six she was diagnosed with cancer and had to take chemotherapy, which was really hard for her as you can imagine little girls at that age would be obsessed with keeping their hair long. But she had to wear a wig and a Mr Lau with the shaver and Ms Nepata, Form Teacherhat everyday. When we were about 8 or so the chemo worked and we were really relieved and her hair grew back. 3 years later we found out that she had a relapse and had to go to Christchurch for treatment. After about a year and a bit of skyping she came back cured. But it wasn’t until a couple weeks ago that we found out that she had yet another relapse. I thought this was extremely devastating for her and her family, I mean getting diagnosed once was enough, but three times? So when the announcement came out for shave for a cure I decided if she can do it three times I can do it once.”

Emily has a page on the shave for a cure website, and is almost halfway to her target or $500. She says: “Also for everyone that donated, thank you so much whether it was just 5 bucks or 50 it probably means a lot to every kid out there with cancer.

Emily at the completion of the shave!

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