Upcoming: Shave for a Cure – 2017

Newlands main imageNewlands College Shave for a Cure 2017 edition is underway! A large group of students and Mr Miller are going to shave for this outstanding cause. This is not the first time the school has got on board with this event. Last year, Jesse Rainey, Charlotte Gill, Josh Steele and Mr Cargill all took part, and Emily Villanueva led the charge back in Year 9! See below for the views of the people taking part and click on their names to be taken to their fundraising pages.

As I am in my last year at Newlands College, I decided to try make my last year not only memorable for me but also for the rest of the school, this includes singing lead in our school’s Male Barbershop quartet, my role on school exec as Rimu House Captain and as a Peer Support leader. I’m taking part in this event to not only fundraise as much money possible, but to also help set an example for the other students which follow, just as I was inspired by my mate Jesse Rainey, and my Dean Mr Cargill who did it last year. Just from researching I was able to see how much of a difference Shave for a Cure is making for the 6 Kiwis which are diagnosed with a blood cancer or related condition every day.

As a team, we are aiming to fundraise at least $2000 to go towards this cause, while I am personally aiming to raise $500. On Friday 16th June, myself and the other shavees will be hosting a sausage sizzle before the event on the 23rd, where the proceeds will go towards our team donations. It would be awesome if you could sponsor me and help support this great cause!!

 – Michael Chang (13UY)

Year 13 is the year to get involved with anything and everything I can. Not only doing things to benefit myself but a lot to help others along the way too. This is one of the things I’m into hopefully help out in some way and give back.

 – Tiarne Southon (13WG)

I was inspired to look into shaving for a cure when my friend Emily Villanueva shaved her head in year 9. I’ve finally got enough courage to shave my head to raise some funds for this awesome cause. Please get behind us and support us, cancer is such a heartbreaking disease and all the victims, especially the kids with blood and skin cancer could do so much with the money that we raise. Every dollar counts.

 – Jess Mok (13WA)

Cancer has a major impact on society. Millions of people are diagnosed with cancer every year. In 2012, there were 8.2 million cancer related deaths worldwide. Shave for a Cure is a great opportunity to show supports for those who are suffering. Now, in my last year of high school, I have decided to help support this cause. Unfortunately, I’m not able to shave my head due to my religion, but I’m still going to participate and by cutting my hair short as another way to support them. So please sponsor me and the others so we could help these people and change their life.

 – Shadrina Assegaf (13CO)

I decided to join the Newlands College Shave for a Cure team this year because it’s a way that I can give back to my community, and help the hundreds of Kiwis that are diagnosed with leukemia and blood cancer every year.

This year students from Newlands College, including myself, are shaving our hair off to raise money for this amazing cause. For all of us participating, this is our first time shaving our hair, and because of that we want to make this year the best Shave for a Cure year that Newlands College has ever had.

Our team goal for this year is to reach $2,000 in donations towards research for leukemia and blood cancer in New Zealand. We are currently 43% of the way there, and all donations are greatly appreciated.

 – Jack Matterson (13CO)

I decided to do something useful for my last year so I thought why not do shave for a cure to give back to the community.

– David Fale (13CO)

In the past I have been involved with 40 hour Famine, which gave me a taste of the importance of helping people in need. This year, Shave for a Cure is something that I have become very passionate about over time and really feel like I can bring the horrific statistic of 6 people being diagnosed with cancer every day to many people’s attention by shaving my head bald.

 – Kyran van Asch (13WG)

Click on these links to find the fundraising pages for Pia HormothMr Miller and the team page can be found here.

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