Humanities Trip Wrap-Up

After waiting for two long years, the Humanities Trip students finally embarked for Europe for an amazing two and a half weeks. It was a fairly surreal feeling to be finally leaving after months of preparation and anticipation but at 3:45am on Sunday morning of the 9th of April, thirty five nervous and excited students were ready to begin our travels to the other side of the world. We began by travelling from Wellington to Sydney, from Sydney to Dubai and finally from Dubai to London, which took around roughly twenty five hours.

Once we landed in London we were all tired and sweaty. Fortunately the bus had air conditioning. We stopped over at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre and Leicester Square. The next day myself and Panashe performed our excerpt from Macbeth at Shakespeare’s house in Stafford upon Avon which will go down as one of my greatest experiences in my life. We also learned about 16th century culture such as the ancient art of drinking yellow frog pee helps to cure sore throats.

On day 4 we trekked over to Westminster abbey, the famous church where many British monarchs are buried. But at the same time so incredible beautiful and detailed, every inch of the church had something incredible to look at. Finally, we visited Hampton Court palace, Henry VIII’s personal castle for recreation. A day full of history of a bizarre family.

The food was outstanding with a full english breakfast every morning with complementing OJ and mourning runs with Mr Mortensen that opened our eyes even more to the modern beauty of London.

The following day went head from London to Belgium. We started in Ypres by visiting a chocolate shop with the most enthusiastic salesman ever, then we entered the “In Flanders Fields Museum” which featured some cold hard facts on the war giving my life a deeper perspective. We ended that day with a service. In respect 4 members of the group laid a reef on behalf of the school. And finally Brugge a tiny town in Belgium. We were welcomed into the town by Pizza hut and Foot Locker just like home except the streets were cobblestone and you share the road with a horse. 

 – Paris Renalson (13BL)

When we first arrived in Paris we went straight to the Eiffel Tower. It was pretty amazing to see all of Paris from the top. The next day we went to Paris Disneyland, my highlights included going on the Tower of Terror which is a 61 m drop. The light show at the end was a great way to end the day at Disney. The day after we went to the Louvre which is a pretty big art museum which had real cool statues and so radical art. 

 – Booklyn Leota (12SL)

I think Rome was a highlight of the trip for me. With excellent weather, some top class food and really cool architecture, Rome was a great city to wander. On the first day in Rome we relaxed in the hotel for an afternoon before going out for dinner and gelato. The room that I was in was super cool with mirrors on every wall making for a cool rooming experience. The second day we went to the Vatican and the Colosseum, which were both some pretty cool sights from way back in the day. Our final day was probably my favourite, when we got to roam the city. My group went to the Capuchin temple, which contained heaps of human bones. We then carried on exploring Rome, a highlight of my day was the site of Caesar’s assassination which had been turned into a sanctuary for old and disabled cats. After that we headed to Sorrento for some rest for our last few days. With great views over the Amalfi coast and heaps of gelato to stuff our faces with it was good times all round.

 – Tom Horton (13WA)

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