Flashback – The Wizard of Oz 2013

In this ‘Flashback Friday’ we revisit the 2013 production: Wizard of Oz. There were a number of students in the year group involved, some of whom will celebrate being in all five productions next week with Rock of Ages. 

For those who didn’t manage to catch the show, below is a photo album capturing some of the best moments.

Congratulations to all the Year 9s who were involved. In the cast: Nikaiah Basabas, Meg Burgess, Panashe Dindingwe, Clarice Du Toit, Hunter Giltrap, Jennifer Nash, and Talitha Wilson; Jenni and Meg were also part of the student choreography team; in the orchestra: Stella Lu; backstage: Jordan Borchowsky and Angus Mawby; in the make up crew: Charlotte Earle, Renee Hargreaves, Jesika Hermez, Donna Joseph, Tharushi Nanayakkara, Shanlon Robertson, and Rebekah Warwick.

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