Getting Ready for 2018 – Transition Information

After detecting a few worries and questions about next year, Ms Featherstone is in the process of visiting Form Classes over the next two weeks to speak to the Year Group about preparing for 2018. These messages are familiar, but the opportunity for ask direct questions may be valuable for all. Some of the key ideas from her help sheet that she is distributing are recorded here:

  • shield-492991_960_720Applications for Tertiary Courses – most open in October and are open right up until the beginning of next year. Everything gets confirmed after your NCEA results come out next year.
  • Information on Tertiary Institutions – visit Ms Featherstone to pick up a prospectus, open days for Wellington providers occur on the 1st September, and information evenings for other unis around the country are coming up and will be advertised.
  • Accommodation – you can apply from mid-August through to mid September.
  • Scholarships – Ms Featherstone will be running a workshop on Scholarships in Term Three on applying and information on what is available will come out in due course through the notices etc.
  • Student Loans – again Ms Featherston will run a workshop next term and nothing needs to be done until you have worked out what you are going to do in 2018. It is helpful if you already have the required documentation: passport/birth certificate, bank account and IRD number.

Finally, once again it is important to remind everyone that the guidance team around you is here to help. Please make an appointment with Ms Featherstone ( or start a conversation with any of the guidance team.

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