Attitude Presentation – The Pits


Another Attitude presentation was delivered to the cohort last week. In the past presentations have been on Sex with Attitude (part one and part two), Tough Times, Hardwired, and Being Connected. This presentation was about pain, titled ‘The Pits‘. It was about our brain, which is the part of our body that is least equipped to dealing with pain.

1 in 5 people suffer from mental health issues. These issues are on a continuum. Phobias, addictions and compulsions can all be really minor and some that are more serious. What changes them from being severe to minor is how irrational or rational they are.

Depression affects around 1 in 3 people across their lives. Even is it doesn’t affect you, it will at some stage in your life affect someone that is part of your life. Depression also happens on a continuum, from having a bad mood, mild depression, situational depression (related to something that is going on, like grief) all the way to major depression.

Symptoms include (note they are also symptoms of being a teenager – once again these symptoms are also part of a continuum)

  • Trouble with sleep
  • A change in eating habits
  • A lack of interest in hobbies
  • Quitting things
  • An overwhelming sense of sadness
  • Avoiding friends
  • Random mood swings

What can you do about this?

  • Ask for help – family, friends, teachers, your doctor, an adult you trust, youthline
  • Get Active – put on your active wear and get high on endorphins – exercise
  • Be social – use your friends around you, spend time together
  • Spiritually – figure out what gets you going? What connects with you
  • Mentally – this is a mental battle, if you want to feel happy you need to think happy
  • Self-talk – focus on the thoughts going through your head, keep them positive.

The most important message of the presentation: Feeling the pits? Talk to Someone.

For more information, see the Attitude Website or like their facebook page.

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