Y13 Guidance and Career Surveys

SurveyMr Cargill, on behalf of the Y13 guidance team, would like all Y13 students to complete the following two surveys to support our support of your learning.

The Guidance network – which includes your Dean, Form Teachers, Deputy Principals, Mentors, Guidance Counselor, Careers & Transition etc. – are always reflecting and looking to do things better so that you are well supported in your journey through Newlands College. We hope the feedback you give will help inform our actions and therefore help your learning and well-being. You can find the survey through clicking here. You will need to be logged into your school google account to be able to complete the survey.

The second survey is to collect information that will help inform us and the rest of the guidance team to support you through your next steps. Ms Featherstone and Ms Mulholland from the careers and transition department work tirelessly to ensure every student leave Newlands College with a direction and next steps. Your responses will help them and the rest of the guidance team support you take positive steps towards your future. You can find the survey by clicking here.

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