GTPlanet – Josh Steele


I’m an avid enthusiast of all things automotive, as well this I hold a large passion for writing. Because of this, it is my goal to merge these two interests into a career I can wholeheartedly dedicate myself to. In other words, become an automotive journalist.

captureFor close to a decade I have been apart of a community surrounded around the popular gaming title, Gran Turismo. The game, for those who don’t know, is a semi-realistic representation of motorsports and vehicular physics, and was the first of it’s kind in the late nineties. This site is called G T Planet.

Late last year, on the site’s fifteenth anniversary post, they held a request for applicants for budding writers to apply to increase the size of the editorial team. I had longed for the opportunity to give back to the community in the form of something I was passionate about. I was devastated when I had to miss the opportunity for the same last year, as I did not meet the criteria in having recent gaming equipment. Due to a shake up in the newswire’s priority – trying to expand to larger communities in the form of automotive and technology news, I was able to apply, and was accepted into the job early January.

I am a regular writer for the editorial team – my articles are here. The way it works is two ways; the first is that if one of the writers stumbles onto some news, they have first ‘dibs’ on writing something for it. Otherwise, the editor will find information and give it to us in a timetable format, with a sort of deadline to have the article in by. Since this is a contributing format, I do not get paid, but I find satisfaction in gaining publicity in the sense of thousands of views and ‘likes’ on Facebook.

My message to the readers is to simply never give up on your dream. No matter how far away or distant it may appear, there is always a route to take a hold of to progress towards it. While writing about fictional race cars is not my finalised goal, it’s a huge step towards what I consider my goal to be, as well as being  great career talking point. I have been in the team for little over month and have already learnt so much about direction, grammar and numerous other things.

 – Josh Steele (13SL)

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