Student Executive – Information

The Student Executive includes the following positions:

  • Head Girl and Head Boy
  • Board of Trustees Representative (elected in the previous year)
  • Academic Captain
  • Sports Captain
  • Arts Captain
  • 4 x House Captains
  • Komiti Maori
  • Komiti Pacifika
  • International Student Representative.

Komiti Maori, Komiti Pacifika and International Student Representatives are elected through their respective Committees.

Key Generic Tasks

  • Work closely with Ms Mills, Deputy Principal on all matters relating to the Council.
  • Attend all Executive and Council meetings.
  • Liaise with designated staff in particular areas Eg Arts, Academic, Sports to actively promote and organise specific events.
  • Have a designated area of responsibility e.g. Year Level Group, publicity, environment, health and safety, social events.
  • Report to the Council Executive on activities.
  • Student Representative at school functions, events and public events.

Personal Qualities: your ability to

  • Uphold the motto and rules of Newlands College to the highest level.
  • Speak fluently and professionally in public situations.
  • Lead and manage groups of people.
  • Delegate tasks.
  • Manage a variety of tasks at one time.
  • Have good time management skills.
  • Be organised.
  • Be proactive (think of new things and opportunities).


  • Tuesday 7 – Friday 10 FebruaryCall for nominations.
  • Friday 10 FebruaryNominations close at 3.30 pm
  • Monday 13 FebruaryMeet all candidates to go through procedure for assembly.
  • Tuesday 14 and Wednesday 15 FebruaryCandidates speak at assembly (Alphabetical order. 30-45 secs. No put downs, inappropriate slurs etc.)
  • Thursday 16 FebruaryVoting in Form Time
  • Friday 17 FebruaryMeet all candidates and advise those to be interviewed. Hand out prepared question and interview time sheet.
  • Monday 20 February – 1.00 pm onwards – Interviews – advise outcomes to candidates.
  • Tuesday 21 and Wednesday 22 FebruaryAssembly – announce Executive to school. 

 – Ms Mills (Deputy Principal)

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