Peer Support Training

On Tuesday and Wednesday, over half the year group were involved in peer support training, photos below. The focus of these two days were developing skills of leadership and understanding of the peer support ethos. A team of teachers have now gone through the challenging process of making a list of peer support leaders for the Year 9 camp in 2017. The reality is that we can not take everyone that signed up for practical reasons. It is a Year 9 camp, so it is important not to overwhelm them with Y13 and adults. Furthermore, availability of accommodation is a key consideration.

We were very respectful of recent events when selecting students. Therefore a holistic view was taken of each student of their contribution to Newlands College. The other key consideration is the incoming Year 9s and their individual needs were matched to the skill sets of potential leaders.

An email has been sent out to advise students of the outcome of the process. For those that have not made it please note that there are plenty of additional leadership opportunities. For instance, Peer Mentoring is a programme that is open to all Year 13s. Training will occur early next year. It involves being paired with a individual junior student to support them and their learning. We know that all Year 13 students have skills to offer this programme and it is highly recommended you get involved when further details come out about this. If anyone who missed out would appreciate the opportunity to have a conversation with Mr Cargill to navigate this and look at leadership next year, please contact him to set up a time at school for next week.

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