End of Year Address – Year Level Reps

wp-14583512034831At the beginning of the year I said I had a feeling this year was going to be memorable, and in some ways it was.

  • I got to be your year level representative and I am honestly so thankful for that.
  • We went to our first Newlands college ball which was awesome, everyone looked awesome and it was just overall an awesome night.
  • And then came Noscars, well done to everyone who made a film. That was an epic night and it’s awesome that our year group was part of it.

Just want to take this moment to thank everyone.

  • Thanks to Hunter for being a great year level rep and having my back.
  • Thank you to Ms Mills for all the hard work her and the senior management team have done this year. It doesn’t go unnoticed, we are very grateful.
  • Lastly a huge thank you to our awesome Dean Mr Cargill for having a big part in making this year group the best. We really appreciate you.

This year was a big step up and I reckon we have all learned something from the challenges and everything we have experienced. In saying so I want to say good luck.

  • Good luck for next year, our last year at college
  • Good luck to those who are leaving.
  • Good luck for all the decisions to come and all your exams.

Good luck and have an awesome holiday.

  – Panashe Dindingwe (12SN)

Leading on from Panashe, this year has definitely been a memorable one for me personally and I hope that it has been for you also. This is mainly because of the sheer number of activities going on this year. I was lucky enough to be a part of many of them.

  • I was able to participate in the dragon boating competition with a number of other yr 12s and 13s. Not being the sportiest person, I found the whole thing pretty daunting but through the small family that developed and the encouragement of the teachers involved I’m sure many of us were very grateful for participating.
  • I could say that participating in the show this year was also quite daunting. However, with so many year level being there, there was no trouble at all. So I congratulate everyone involved in Hairspray also.
  • I would REALLY like to congratulate each individual sporting, artistic and academic achievement made by y12 this year. I can’t name each one unfortunately because that would take far too long.

I also have a set of thank yous where thanks is due.

  • Thank You to every last teacher who has taught us this year and continue to aid us as we move into exams.
  • Thanks to senior management for keeping things running smoothly for us this year.
  • Thanks personally from 12LD to Mr Lander who will no longer be our form teacher next year.
  • And one last thank you to Mr Cargill. The best Dean we could ever ask for.

  – Hunter Giltrap (12LD)

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