Cultural and Service Awards

Cultural Awards

Cultural Awards are presented at Senior Prizegiving

Me Whakamatau – Daphne Martinez

The Me Whakamatau award is for service to student welfare.

Daphne is a motivated, respected and dedicated leader of her peers. As the immediate past student representative on the Board of Trustees, Daphne has represented the student body extremely well and advised them on all aspects of student activities and has contributed to the effective governance of the school.

Netball is a passion of Daphne’s both as a player and coach. At the recent Celebration of Sport Daphne was awarded the Netball Cup for outstanding contribution and dedication to the life of college netball and the Te Huna Family Trophy for commitment and dedication to coaching. Daphne has had a challenging year personally, as an injury precluded her from taking the court for the good majority of the season, but in true Daphne style she quickly sort other roles – statistician, tactician, mentor and motivator. As a coach she has given time and bundles of energy, shared her expertise and knowledge and has been the epitome of exemplary selflessness.


Service Awards

Service awards recognize students who have provided service to the school in some capacity. These students have made a valuable contribution to their particular category across the year.

Representative on Ball Committee

  • Michael Chang
  • Chantel Gates
  • Donna Joseph
  • Rebekah Tiongson
  • Emily Villanueva
  • Louisa Naftel

40 Hour Famine

  • Rebekah Warwick

Duke of Edinburgh Award Bronze

  • Melissa Chu-Fong
  • Stella Lu
  • Sammani Perera
  • Tharushi Nanayakkara
  • Panashe Dindingwe

Service as International Student Ambassador

  • Kiya Basabas
  • Paige Cooke
  • Charlotte Earle
  • Brooklyn Leota
  • Haydon Smith
  • Georgia Lester
  • Simon McSweeney-Harte
  • Unmesh Vanka
  • Dylan Jones

Services to Peer Tutoring

  • Jane-Edna Bryce
  • Algo Sini
  • Millenium Suga
  • Vaiola Tauiliili
  • Claudia Unasa

Services to School Council – Form Level Representative

  • Tharushi Nanayakkara
  • Clarice du Toit
  • Matthew Bain
  • Thomas Horton
  • Guinevere Peoples
  • Rachael Wilson
  • Georgia Lester
  • Simon McSweeney-Harte
  • Unmesh Vanka
  • Hunter Giltrap
  • Panashe Dindingwe

Services to Student Publicity 

  • Clarice du Toit

Year 12 House Representatives

  • Shanlon Robertson (Kowhai)
  • Dylan Jones (Matai)
  • Louisa Naftel (Matai)

Year Level Representative

  • Hunter Giltrap
  • Panashe Dindingwe
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