Senior Prizegiving – Academic Awards

Senior Prizegiving is the last formal occasion of the year for the seniors. Academic success was acknowledged with those getting a placing for their subjects (or for bigger subject ‘academic excellence’ awards). The following summarises those Y12 students who were part of the evening:

 Wesley Broughton Award – Overall Academic Achievement in Y12

Presented by the Broughton Family in memory of Wesley (1991-2009). Wesley received the Overall Academic Achievement Award at Newlands College in Year 9 (2004), Year 10 (2005), Year 11 (2006) and Year 12 (2007.  In 2008 he suffered a relapse of childhood leukaemia and underwent a bone marrow transplant. He succumbed to an infection in July 2009.

  • Clarice du Toit – 1st Biology, 1st Chemistry, 1st NCEA Level 3 French, 2nd Mathematics, 2nd Physics

Overall Academic Achievement Year 12 – Runner up

  • Tyler Cruse – 1st= English, 1st= Media Studies, 1st Science Issues, 2nd= History

Academic Excellence Awards

  • Germaine Ambray – 2nd Music
  • Shadrina Assegaf – 1st Art Painting
  • Kiya Basabas – 1st= English, 3rd Drama
  • Jordan Borchowsky – 1st Economics, 1st Hard Materials Technology, 3rd Accounting, Academic Excellence in English
  • Meg Burgess – 2nd= Food and Nutrition
  • Liam Chan – 2nd Japanese
  • Melissa Chu-Fong – 1st Graphics (Whitley Cup – for excellence in senior graphics), 3rd= Art Design, Academic Excellence Mathematics
  • Keisha Clark 1st= Soft Materials Technology
  • Charlotte Cunliffe – 2nd Tourism
  • Haydn Davenport-Brown – 2nd= Science Issues
  • James Day – 1st Digital Technologies, 2nd Biology
  • Panashe Dindingwe – 1st Drama
  • Paris Doran-Ward – 1st Tourism
  • Emily Dunstan – 2nd= Science Issues
  • Nineveh Eshow – 1st Art Design, 3rd= Media Studies
  • K’Shana Fa’amasino – 2nd= History
  • Danica Fontein – 1st German, 2nd Drama, 3rd=English
  • Hunter Giltrap – 3rd= Media Studies
  • Lateefah Idris – 2nd Art Design,
  • Simon Little – 2nd Graphics
  • Stella Lu – 2nd NCEA Level 3 Mathematics Calculus
  • Hayley Luckin – 1st French, 2nd Hard Materials Technology
  • Audrey Martinez – 3rd= Biology, 3rd Geography
  • Daphne Martinez – 2nd Art Photography
  • Simon McSweeney-Harte – 2nd Geography, 2nd German
  • Zac Milne – 2nd Accounting
  • Jade Mitchell – 3rd= Art Design
  • Angela Montenegro – 1st Accounting, Academic Excellence in English
  • Benjamin Murdoch – 1st Geography,30612340712_761b4ed714_z 1st= Media Studies, 3rd= Biology, 3rd Economics
  • Ian Murray – Te Ngatoroirangi Te Arawa – This is an award presented to a senior male student who has made a significant contribution to the development of Maoritanga in the school.
  • Tharushi Nanayakkara – Academic Excellence in English
  • Ella Nguon – 1st Art Photography, Academic Excellence in English
  • Stefania Palea’ae – 1st History
  • Logan Payne – 3rd Art Photography
  • Amelia Powdrell – 1st Food and Nutrition, 1st= Physical Education
  • Geeth Rathnayake – 1st= Physical Education
  • Paris Renalson – 1st Business Studies
  • Rangiwaitatao Samson – 1st Te Reo Maori
  • Harjot Sehra – 1st= Physical Education
  • Clarydel Sevilla – 1st Music, 1st= Soft Materials Technology, 2nd Art Painting, 3rd= English
  • Tiarne Southon – 1st Japanese
  • Simone Stobba-Overend – 2nd= Food and Nutrition
  • Britney Sweeney – 1st General Studies
  • Salote-Alison Taufa – 1st= Physical Education
  • Unmesh Vanka – 3rd Chemistry
  • Emily Villanueva – 3rd= Media Studies
  • Rachael Wilson – 2nd Chemistry, 3rd Physics, Academic Excellence in Mathematics
  • Ziming Wu – Academic Excellence in Mathematics
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