Peer Mentoring 2017

peermentorPeer mentoring is a programme that involves Year 13 students using some of their study line or form times to go into junior classes and support specific students. In a way this is kind of like being a teacher aide, but mentoring relationships have been shown to enhance the learning of junior students.

It is widely recognised that peer mentoring has a positive impact on many lives. What you are doing matters – often in a way that will not be obvious for a long time. Words of encouragement from senior students to junior students can be voices that enable connections to school in a meaningful way. You are offering to serve our school as we work hard to achieve together (me whakamatau). There are real benefits for you as you learn how to work alongside others in a positive and constructive way.

The training day will run on Wednesday 7 December starting at 10 am and running through to 1 pm where we will finish with a shared lunch (supplied by the school). At this stage, the training will be in the pavilion, however, this may change and you will be advised via email. Please wear mufti to training. Ms King, Mr Cargill, Ms Ryan and Mr Mulholland will run the session.

In filling out this form, you are indicating that you will attend the training and would like to be a peer mentor for 2017. Please note that you can be both a peer-support leader and mentor. Everyone who trains can be a peer mentor in 2017 – the only criteria is the training. Please come along even if you have personally found school challenging – often – people who have faced and overcome challenges make the most effective mentors.

 – Ms King

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