End of Year Info for Year 12 Students

Below is some key information for the end of the year and 2017. This is the same as the information that has been emailed home. Please visit the school website for all other up-to-date details relating to the 2017 year.

Senior Prizegiving

Wednesday, 2nd November, 7pm

Please ensure you are in full school dress uniform. That is, all students must wear a blazer, tie, girls to wear tights and boys to wear trousers. Students are asked to be seated in the front of the hall by 6.50 pm. A refreshment will be available in the staffroom at the conclusion of prizegiving. Parents/Caregivers have been invited via email invitation.


Wednesday 2 November – Tuesday 8 November

These will be held in your normal classrooms conforming to the usual timetable. You are required to wear school uniform whenever you attend one of these sessions. If there is a gap between sessions, for instance if you have tutorial sessions periods 1 & 3 but no session Period 2, you are asked to either study in the library for the free session or to leave the school premises. Please do not sit in the sun to pass the time as this is not a good example to set to the junior students who will be sitting exams and working in lessons.


By Tuesday 29th November

  1. No paper is involved.
  2. Please return all books, including library books and any gear on loan etc before Tuesday 29 November.
  3. All locker keys are to be returned to Student Reception.
  4. After Tuesday 29 November invoices will be processed and sent home.

NZQA Examinations

Please remember the following:

  • Check your timetable (exam timetable here) do not forget as you do not get a second chance.
  • Wear school uniform.
  • Take your admission slip to each exam.
  • If you lose your admission slip, you can print another copy from your learner login on the NZQA website or go to the library before the exam and your slip can be printed for you. Any printed slip needs to be signed by Mr South or any other nominated staff member
  • Scholarship students must bring photo ID to their examination.
  • Turn up at least 20 minutes before the exam is due to start.
  • If you are late, get to school as soon as possible. You can enter the exam up to 30 minutes late.
  • Bring your pens, ruler, calculator in a clear plastic bag or see through pencil case
  • Paper, written material, smart watches and electronic dictionaries are NOT permitted.
  • Your phone and wallet need to be in a clear plastic bag and placed under your seat in the examination.
  • If you are sitting a digital exam (L1 French and L1 Media), then make sure you have read the essential information specific to these exams.
  • Make sure you can log in to the NZQA website to access your results
  • If you are unable to sit an exam, contact Mr South. He will give you a form to fill in. If you are unable to sit due to illness, then the form must be taken to you GP on the day of the exam.
  • If you wish to visit the College during school hours while you are on examination leave please do so in full school uniform.
  • For study tips and revision advice, see the study and revision page


Still do not know what to do? Don’t worry Mrs Featherstone and Mrs Mulholland in Careers/Transition – A2 are available:

  • Discuss future career options
  • Help with applying for jobs
  • CV writing

Make an appointment before you leave or ring 474 1335.

Course Confirmation 2017

Wednesday 25th January – Thursday 26th January, Library

This is compulsory for every student. Please confirm your course for 2017 at the following times. Mufti is to be worn.

Wednesday 25 January

  • 10.00 -11.30 am Surnames A-D
  • 12 noon -1.30 pm Surnames E-K
  • 2.00 – 3.30 pm Surnames L-N

Thursday 26 January

  • 9.30-11.00 am Surnames 0-S
  • 11.30am-1.00 pm Surnames T-Z

Peer Support Training

Monday 5 and Tuesday 6 December – 8.40 am, Fitness Room

For those student who have signed up. Appropriate mufti to be worn – no offensive T shirts and shorts/jeans/trousers preferable.

Mentoring Training

Wednesday 7 December, 10.00 am, Pavilion

For those students who have signed up. Appropriate mufti to be worn.

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