HP 48 Hours Wellington Final


The HP 48 Hours Wellington Final was a great celebration for filmmakers across Wellington, including our eight teams, some of whom were up for awards. The evening played 15 of the finest films from the region; my favourite was Party Pooper which was a really well made comedy with a entertaining script and concept. It amazes me that all of these films were created in 48 hours. The night also contained awards. The Seament was nominated for best use of prop, and three teams were nominated for Best School Team:

  • Trumpkins – ‘Final Notice‘ – Charlotte Earle and Grace Prior
  • The Seament – ‘Sheered Luck‘ – Tyler Cruse, Daphne Martinez, Jesse Rainey, Dylan Jones, Shaun Liew, Ben Murdoch, Denny Stamenov
  • Wildcats – ‘Happily Never After‘ – Lauren Eaddy, Brianna Hurst, Sammi Dyke, Isabella Lane

The winner was Trumpkins, after Grace’s acceptance speech the well deserved winning film was played. It was great to see Newlands College winning best school team for the third year in a row. Can’t wait for next year!

 – Daphne Martinez (12CO)

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