Active Learning in History

In history we’ve been doing an active learning type task where we’ve all undertaken a project of some sort. Some of them have included making a chariot, investigating historical uses of make-up and perfume, the game of life in Glorivale style and much more. Our group was interested in investigating the food that was eaten in the trenches during WW1. In our research we found out about the difference between a British and German stew and ended up making them to test it out. A German stew contained spam, potatoes, turnips, and beef stock, while the British stew was typically canned corned beef, carrots, potatoes, parsnip, beef stock and mustard powder. Both tasted better than they looked; however, the German stew was definitely the winner. Mr Cargill believes both were disgusting. We have more respect and understanding now for the soldiers who had to eat this for years on end.

 – Josh Steele & Anthony McKinnon (12LD)

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