Board of Trustees – Student Representative Election

Voting for the student representative on the Board of Trustees takes place today. Three students are vying for the position. The speeches they shared with the school earlier in the week are below:


Casey Norman (12SN)

My name’s Casey and I’d love to represent you on the board of trustees for next year. Not only will it be a great way for me to give back to the school, but I’m passionate about student voice. I feel as though it is crucial for students to have input into some of the decisions and things that happen around the school. I’d make a great board of trustees representative because I feel that I would be very good at listening to suggestions and the wants of students around the school, and put those things forward at board meetings. So yeah, please send a vote my way, that would be appreciated.


Janhavi Gosavi (11KD)

My name is Janhavi Gosavi and I’d love to be your student rep on the board of trustees next year. 2016 has been full on for me and in it I’ve learnt the importance of saying ‘yes’ to opportunities. before this year, I didn’t think I could be a lead in production, or be in a Noscars film…. or be spending the first half of these upcoming holidays at an air force base on a leadership course for cadets. But now I’d like to give back to the school that has given me so much. So please, if you think I’d be good for this and if you’d like me to be your voice on the board, vote for me Janhavi Gosavi! On that paper, tick the first name you see out of the 3. The first name you see, that’s me Janhavi Gosavi. The short girl with the long hair, and the high voice and the awkwardly rhyming first and last name.


Unmesh Vanka (12SL)

My name is Unmesh Vanka and I am running for BOT. I think I have the qualities that are good for this role because I am not afraid to voice your opinions and problems to the board. If I get this role I am going to put time and effort into making your opinions heard. I am responsible and I will take my time so I can represent you, the students, well. Vote Unmesh for BOT.

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