Subject Choice 2016

Subject choice for Y12s is to be held Thursday 8th September in the library. As per previous years your Form Teacher will advise a time to show up in order to have an interview around your options for 2017.

Note that for many students their 2017 plans may not include Newlands College. This is absolutely fine, and completely normal. Many students in our cohort have already left for further education opportunities, and many are in the process of working through transition with Ms Featherstone and her department.

The philosophy of Newlands College is ‘no drifters’. While leaving school will be the right decision for a number of students (NCEA Level Two gives a student entry to a huge range of tertiary options) it is important that they are leaving for something. Whether it be a job, a polytechnic course or alternative education – our guidance team and careers/transition department can assist in supporting students to create future pathways.

Furutre of Jobs.JPG

The above image comes from a really interesting release by the World Economic Forum called ‘The Future of Jobs‘. The report focuses on the rapidly changing world and the skills needed to thrive in it. As Derek Wenmoth suggests “a far wider set of skills and competencies will be required to thrive in this fourth revolution“. There are some elements worth bearing in mind when making subject choices for 2017. If anyone would like to talk about the findings of the report, Mr Cargill would be very interested in your views! Drop by the Dean’s Room!

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