Study Smarter – Part III: Environment


The Y12 Blog has been posting posting a five part smarter study series based on webinars hosted by Karen Boyes (previous posts are here and here). She is an education guru that has become a leader in New Zealand for her thinking around studying and thinking dispositions. Her blog regularly contains informative articles and her company Spectrum Education has a range of useful products and resources that can assist a student in the market for a better approach to studying. Like the Smart Study Facebook page for regular study tips.SONY DSC

The following notes are taken for her webinar on study skills available in full here. The webinar focused on setting up an effective study environment, but the first section looked at how to have fast recall in an exam situation and strategies to improve recall.

Study Tips Continued

  1. Put all your important information up high – above eye level for mind maps/summaries etc.
  2. When you can’t remember, look up (see from 22 minutes for an explanation)
  3. Study with low lighting (40/60W not a 100W bulb)
  4. Study in your best thinking place (if it’s the shower – put mind maps or summaries in the shower!)
  5. Study at your best thinking time (find a time that is really good for you)
  6. Study to music without words (if music at all)
  7. Study with quiet Baroque music in the background
  8. Wear comfortable clothing during exams (and while studying)
  9. Get everything ready before you sit down to study.

These are helpful guidelines and strategies – make sure you put them into practice! Part Four will be posted later in the term. As a bonus: here is a clip of Karen talking about smarter studying on Breakfast TV:

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