Study Smarter – Part II: Learning Styles


The Y12 Blog has been posting posting a five part smarter study series based on webinars hosted by Karen Boyes (find part one here). She is an education guru that has become a leader in New Zealand for her thinking around studying and thinking dispositions. Her blog regularly contains informative articles and her company Spectrum Education has a range of useful products and resources that can assist a student in the market for a better approach to studying. Like the Smart Study Facebook page for regular study tips.

The following notes are taken for her webinar on study skills available in full here. The webinar concentrated on learning styles and gave some more study tips.The summaries here are elaborated considerably in the webinarbooks-1155565_960_720

Learning Styles

  • Visual – learn by seeing, look to learn
  • Auditory – learn by listening and discussing
  • Kinestetic – learn by doing
  • Olfactory – learn by smell
  • Gustatory – learn by taste

The first three are common, and the last two have some interesting information shared about them in the webinar. Note that learning styles are not exclusive from one another, and that most people are a mix. It’s important to use a range of learning styles and not stick to one in order to be effective learners and revisers.

Study Skills Continued

  1. Use lots of colour
  2. Draw pictures and diagrams
  3. Talk about your information as much as possible
  4. Frame important information to help it stick
  5. Eat breakfast to ensure your brain has good fuel to run on
  6. When studying eat brain food at least once an hour (ten top brain foods: blueberries, nuts, broccoli, fresh fish, banana, yogurt, olive oil, wholegrain bread, spinach, and tomatoes)

These are helpful guidelines and strategies – make sure you put them into practice! Part Three will be posted later in the term.

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