Active Learning Stories


For Staff Professional Learning Thursday morning, a group of students were invited to share their active learning stories. The daunting task of talking in front of a full staff room was faced by a few Y12 students


I looked into 3D printing and how it could be incorporated into the curriculum. I did research into how other schools are using 3D printing. In doing so I found a lot of examples of how it is already being used in subject areas that sometimes surprised me, for example Media Studies where props could be made for film productions. There are also other subject areas like Art where 3D printing could add to sculpting and the creative process, and technology where it could be used for modeling or incorporated into actually design products. To do this I spent a lot of the day on google, collating a variety of sources and finding out more about this exciting new technology.

 – Zac Milne (12WG)

A group of three of us decided for our active learning project we decided to start a brewing company. To begin the day (because Garage Project didn’t open until later in the day) we went to Moore Wilson to check out what products were on offer. There we spotted Six Barrel Soda which was a local company nearby so we went a visited and asked a range of questions. Following that we visited Garage Project in Aro Valley where we learnt about fermentation, how the ingredients and the process can change. A hugely passionate guy helped us to understand the process. This felt like biology, but then as we began thinking about bigger picture our brand and marketing and how we get to our desired market turned things into Economics. Our aim is to create a non-alcoholic product.

Having no credits attached to it makes it better as we can be more creative and take it where we want to go and go with the journey rather than a prescribed step of steps where we arrive at a destination.

 – Ben Murdoch (12WG)

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