Ball Assembly

The cohort gathered in the Hall today to prepare for tomorrow’s School Ball. It is a privilege to have such a significant event on the calendar and the information, conveyed by Ms Mills, is vital to ensuring the evening is a success.

  • CaptureTe Papa doors open at 7.30. Everyone needs to be seated strictly by 8pm.
  • Check in with your Dean at the ground level, where there is also a coat check.
  • Proceed to the top of the stairs where the Senior Management Team will greet everybody. Guests should be introduced.
  • Evening will start with house keeping presented by Greg and Olivia followed by the buffet dinner.
  • Security will be on the door. School rules apply.
  • There are awards for the evening – Y12 Boy/Girl, Y13 Leading Gentleman/Leading Lady, A-List Match, Best Wheels, Foreign Affair, Wow Award,  plus a student choice award.
  • The evening will finish by midnight. You will be able to leave from 11.45pm.

The ball is a privilege we are delighted to organise and share with the students; a high level of behaviour is expected. Check out the pictures from last year’s ball and get excited!

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