Upcoming: Pink Shirt Day


I wanted to take this opportunity to talk about what we as students, peers and as people should do about bullying. Bad things happen when good people do nothing. If it’s on a computer screen or right in front of you, we as good people of Newlands College shouldn’t do nothing. It’s time to speak up and stand together before bad things happen. Even if you see someone enjoying themselves and just being who they are, yet you see comments on Facebook from someone who is making fun of them. Even if you take a video of a fight, then post it on Facebook or YouTube or if you share that video, you are promoting this negativity and violence. Even by liking a bullies nasty comment or tagging people promotes the message of what the nasty comment was carrying. By letting these things pass, we are allowing bullying to happen. So show on Friday that you don’t want bad things to happen. Wear PINK and stand together! You can wear pink as part of your uniform, or pink accessories like the pink wrist bands Mr. Cargill will be handing out at the Dean’s Room. Speak up and stand up for Pink Shirt Day!

 – Daphne Martinez (12CO)

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