Evolve: Wellington Youth Service


Wellington has a one stop shop for youth health and social support service. They offer a range of support for young people in one location to make it as easy as possible for you to get what you need. They are all about keeping it relaxed and easy, keeping it real. And all their services are free! Those services are all confidential and include:

  • Health care – a team of health care professionals cover sexual health, mental health, general health, check-ups, treatment and referrals.
  • Counselling – with a referral from a nurse, you can receive up to six free counselling sessions if there is something you’d like to talk through or work on with support from a professional.
  • Social support – social workers and youth workers can help with things like finding a job or somewhere to live. They provide social work, group work, advocacy, information and advice.
  • Gender and sexuality support – Evolve embraces diversity of young people and aims to provide safe, inclusive and quality healthcare to transgender, queer and questioning people in the Wellington region. They provide clinical support for young people transitioning, as well as social support through our partnerships with local groups, School’s Out and Tranzform.
  • Youth development activities and events – evolveintroCheck out what’s on at Evolve for more information.

There are a range of ways to contact Evolve and set up appointments. One of the easiest is just to drop into the centre on the corner of Cuba St and Manners St.

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