Level Two Geography Trip

Last Wednesday the Level Two geography class set off on an endeavor across the Cook Strait (which would prove to be absolute hell thanks to the weather on the trip back). Excited and tired, we dragged ourselves onto the ferry and spent a good three hours chatting, searching for a charging port and taking photos/ snapchats of just about everything.

We arrived in Picton and were set free to find the school vans at the supermarket, spent all our money on a good stash of Muncho’s and energy drinks and we were set. We spent our car trips jamming to the top forty, Taylor Swift heavy metal and some good old 1D.

Arriving at St. Arnaurd we saw the mountains surrounding us and our accommodation. Our bunk rooms were to become the place of memory’s and not a lot of sleep. Our first real endeavor was a bush walk down to the lake, it was absolutely serene and the majority of us went charging into the water at first sight. The rest of the night was spent running around like we were in Year Four and laying on the jetty, feeding the eels that had next to no interest in our offerings of bread, looking up at stars, satellites, planets and the odd plane that technically could be a UFO.

The next day we arose at 7am, ready to eat breakfast and head off on our big hike. The first hike was up St. Arnaurd Range to the tree line. We took measurements every fifty meters in altitude and survived to the top, many of us injured and hobbling to the summit with determination. The view lasted a good two minutes before the clouds rolled in and the scenery looked a lot foggier than desired.

We eventually made our way back down, having our separate ten minutes of solitude in the bush which ended up being more like two minutes alone in the bush. Arriving back at our accommodation, we begun hounding down baking from no other than Dr Farrant. Once again we hung out in our living room, duvets and pillows all over the floor, almost too tired to communicate with one another. We called our mums and told them of our epic journey. We finished the day watching the stars on a beautiful clear night.

The last day came around quickly, we woke early once again, got ready to go and shuffled into the vans to head up Mt. Robert. We were driven up the mountain to a point where we took readings and drew sketches of our surroundings. We headed up the mountain until we had a good view, and proceeded to walk back to the vans. On our way down we’d take readings every fifty meters in altitude, flying out the vans to get the data we required and flying back in repetitively until we reached the bottom.

We had one last stop where we had a stick race down the river before we headed off to our beloved Picton where we’d head home from. Yet another car trip jam session was had with various kinds of music, of which my van included, Aladdin in Japanese, Halsey, Metal/ Rock music and a German love song that when translated made us all melt.

The ferry was met, little did we know that ‘heavy’ on the water conditions sign actually meant heavy. We spent the next three to four hours sea suck, in and out of bathrooms, looking like our bodies had betrayed us by coming up with the idea to have a coffee before hand. After what seemed like years, we arrived home, glad to see land again. The geography trip was certainly the trip of a lifetime, memory’s were made that will last generations.

 – Grace Prior (12SN)

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