Health and Safety – Assembly Presentation

Assembly this week presented important information on health and safety and our procedures on dealing with emergencies. Below is an overview of these things, but more detail can be found in ‘Our School Emergency Plan‘.



  • Drop, cover, hold
  • Stay inside


  • Teachers should collect their class roll and take their students to the designated assembly point(s)
  • Walk calmly and quickly and avoid panic Ensure students who need help are assisted by a responsible person
  • Ensure all students remain at the assembly point until clearance to leave is given


  • If an intruder is in the school – two short bells with a break and a further two short bells indicates an intruder
  • Lock yourselves in.
  • Stay out of sight and be quiet.

Bomb Threat

  • If the school gets a threat that there is a bomb in the school.
  • An email will be sent to staff to warn them that the bell will go and why.
  • Students will take their bags and evacuate to the field until the police give the ‘all-clear’

Crossing the Road

  • Not a joke – near accidents have occurred on Bracken Road because of students not following fundamentals
  • Look both ways
  • Use the pedestrian crossing, but wait for cars to stop before stepping out on the road.

Reunification Plan

  • Students need to know that in the event of the reunification plan being implemented they will go to the form-class of the youngest member of the family.
  • Parents will be directed there.
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