Attitude – Sex with Attitude – Part Two

Another Attitude presentation was delivered to the cohort today. In the past presentation have been on Sex with Attitude (part one), Tough Times, Hardwired, and Being Connected. This presentation looked at sex and relationships. It began by asking about our assumptions on what percentage of teenagers are having sex. Contrary to the show of hands, the majority of youth will go through the entirety of High School without having wp-1458171342068.jpgsex. The presentation then went on to dispel further myths and give advice on various topics. The following just captures some of the key points which were discussed in much more depth in the presentation.

Five Hot Relationship Tips – How to make a relationship work:

  1. Dealing with Differences – Have your non-negotiables – your strongest values that won’t change. Everything not on this list can be talked through.
  2. Talk Talk Talk – share the conversation with you partner, ask questions and listen. Sharing your highlight/lowlight of each day is a good way to start.
  3. Deal with Disagreements – Talk one at a time with a calm voice – when you’re calm, the other person comes down to your level. Don’t make it personal – if you don’t make it personal, arguments go so much better. And work towards finding a solution.
  4. The Parents – they are an important part of every teenagers’ life; so make an effort, and show respect.
  5. Boundaries – clearly communicate boundaries. Boundaries can be mental, physical, social, spiritual.

What is an unhealthy relationship?

  • When someone feels miserable
  • When someone feels unsafe
  • When someone is being used
  • When someone is being pressured

What is a healthy relationship?

  • Can be yourself
  • Want the best for each other
  • Are still connected to friends and family
  • Are treated with respect

Getting over it – when breaking up

  • Don’t rebound – respect yourself
  • Allow some time to grieve

For more information, see the Attitude Website or like their facebook page.

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