Level One Excellence Endorsements


At an assembly earlier in the term, the students who gained an Excellence endorsement were acknowledged. This means they gained at least 50 Excellence credits. This is a wonderful achievement and these students were presented with badges to recognise their effort and attainment in 2015. In brackets are the subjects for which they achievement an Excellence subject endorsement.

  • Shadrina Assegaf (Art)
  • Kiya Basabas (English)
  • Jordan Borchowsky (Accounting, English)
  • Michael Chang (Art)
  • Melissa Chu-Fong (Art, English, Graphics, Physics, Science)
  • Tyler Cruse (English, French)
  • Panashe Dindingwe (English)
  • Matthew Dods
  • Clarice Du Toit (German, Science French [L2])
  • Danica Fontein (Drama, English, German)
  • Lateefah Idris (Art)
  • Dylan Jones (English)
  • Simon Little (Graphics)
  • Stella Lu (Excellence Endorsement at L2, English, Digital Technology, Music [L2])
  • Simon McSweeney-Harte (Geography, German, Science)
  • Zac Milne (Japanese)
  • Jessie Mok (Art, English, Science)
  • Angela Montenegro (Accounting)
  • Ben Murdoch (Economics, English, History)
  • Tharushi Nanayakkara (Art, English, Economics, Science)
  • Ella Nguon (Art, Graphics)
  • Casey Norman (Art)
  • Amelia Powdrell
  • Geeth Rathnayake (Science)
  • Lorraine Sevilla (Art, Science)
  • Tiarne Southon (English, Geography, Japanese, Science)
  • Adam Van Der Voorn (Art)
  • Unmesh Vanka (Science)
  • Emily Villanueva (Art, English)
  • Rachael Wilson (Economics, English, Graphics, Maths, Physics, Science)
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