Dragon Boating 2016

Dragon Boating was a fun and fantastic time for all invovled. We had two boats, Newlands Blue with the year 12 girls, and Newlands Red – the superior boat – with both Y12s and Y13s in the mixed grade. On race day we got there early for our first race at 9. Hunter called (sat on the front of the boat at yelled at us “harder…deeper…3…2…1…reach”) and his shouting was inspirational; we ended up coming second. However that was just a practice race. Since then, we’ve been going down hill. It will be really fun when we win the final, which, at 11.30am, we are currently not on track to do. The atmosphere is loud, intense and it is all kinds of fun!

 – Josh Nicholson (Nico, 12SL), Unmesh Vanka (Vanka, 12SL), & Simon McSweeney-Harte (Team Carrier, 12WG) with video filmed and edited by the Newlands College Sports News Team (12SN)


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