End of Year Address – Year Level Reps

photo 2 (1)Dylan: Hey guys, Audrey and I are going to talk to you all about the great year that 2015 was. There were many things that made it great and everyone will have their favourite events and moments that happened throughout the year like tabloids at the start which was a great day for everyone involved all the way to the Semi Formal where everyone who went had a great time. Other great moments that happened throughout the year included the Noscars, the Variety Show and the production of All Shook Up. There were other events that happened throughout the year that were a highlight for many such as Drama performances, Polyfest, The Art Exhibitions and Business Challenge only to name a few. Year 11 has also done a lot on the sports field this year, from winning divisions to losing on a weekly basis to competing at tournament week. As Year 11’s we done a lot in 2015 and of course the only thing left is exams. So make the best out of your study leave and you know… actually study. Good luck everyone for the exams and hope you have a great Christmas Break.

Audrey: Dylan and I have been so grateful to represent such an amazing year group. We appreciate all the hard work and focus that has been put into getting the best out of this year. It’s been a wild ride but we’ve made it this far and you should all feel very proud. Entering our first senior year has been handled so well with a massive amount of resilience and persistence which is so great to see. I’d like to thank Ms Mills for her work, effort, help and passion towards our year group. Thank you to our teachers and form teachers for putting up with us all the time and thank you for everything you’ve taught us this year. I want to say a massive thank you to Mr Cargill. He is someone that gives us many opportunities to develop our learning so we can get the face of success. He has taught us so much and has given our year level a positive impact throughout our college years. He is also someone who believes in us when we don’t believe in ourselves. We are so humbled for having Mr Cargill as our dean and we truly value everything he has given us. Thank you year 11 for an amazing 2015. Keep studying, work hard and good luck for your exams and the future. See you next year!

 – Dylan Jones (11LD) & Audrey Martinez (11SN)

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