Study Leave and Tutorial Week

Friday, 30th October is the last formal school day of the year. There will be a formal assembly Period Three, where a range of acknowledgements will be made (along with the premiere of the 2015 Y11 video) and then you will be dismissed for the day, and study leave will commence.

In order to help facilitate your study and revision, tutorial sessions will be organised by your subject teachers up until Friday 7 November (Week Four). Consult your subjects teachers for more information. These will be held in your normal classrooms. You are required to wear school uniform whenever you attend one of these sessions. If there is a gap between sessions, for instance if you have tutorial session’s periods 1 & 3 but no session period 2, you are asked to either study in the library for the free session or to leave the school premises. Please do not sit in the sun to pass the time as this is not a good example to set to the junior students who will be sitting exams and working in lessons.

Do make the most of this opportunity to have your teacher guide your study during this week. Furthermore, don’t forget the Level One Study Hub which is a collation of all your subjects and the places you need to go for revision.


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