Upcoming: Celebration of Sports

That was last year’s intro video, and this year the Celebration of Sport is Thursday 22nd October. Tickets are available from the school office for all the prize winners. Check the list below and come along to what will be another fantastic night of celebration for all the amazing work that has gone on this year in Newlands College sport.

Zachary Allen 11 11CJ
Matthew Bain 11 11NP
Jordan Borchowsky 11 11NP
Jane-Edna Bryce 11 11WG
Gerald Cabral 11 11SN
Cassie Catalan 11 11NP
Ashley Charles 11 11WA
Melissa Chu-Fong 11 11CJ
Liam Collins 11 11SN
Panashe Dindingwe 11 11SN
Clarice du Toit 11 11CJ
Emily Dunstan 11 11LD
Charlotte Earle 11 11LD
Danica Fontein 11 11WG
Jan Galera 11 11SL
Calum Gibling 11 11SL
Marcus Gibson 11 11SN
Emanuel Gorges 11 11NP
Tomas Guerrero 11 11WG
Renee Hargreaves 11 11WA
Oscar Harris 11 11LD
Briana Head 11 11NP
Lateefah Idris 11 11SL
Hadlee Jackson 11 11CJ
Hendrik Jones 11 11CJ
Joshua Kim 11 11SL
Shaun Liew 11 11CJ
Simon Little 11 11LD
Sandeep Singh Manhaas 11 11CJ
Audrey Martinez 11 11SN
Daphne Martinez 11 11CJ
Jack Matterson 11 11CJ
Trinity McIntosh 11 11CJ
Simon McSweeney-Harte 11 11WG
Mishayla Millar 11 11LD
Jade Mitchell 11 11SN
Angela Montenegro 11 11CJ
Benjamin Murdoch 11 11WG
Diego Nacu 11 11WG
Louisa Naftel 11 11LD
Nikhil Nand 11 11SN
Casey Norman 11 11SN
Renee Pearce 11 11SN
Staci Perano 11 11LD
Jarrod Rangi 11 11SN
Geeth Rathnayake 11 11NP
Sean Rennwandt 11 11CJ
Caleb Sawers-McClintock 11 11WA
Harjot Sehra 11 11NP
Renee Simanu 11 11NP
James Smalley 11 11WA
Haydon Smith 11 11WA
Tiarne Southon 11 11WG
Matthew Stark 11 11CJ
Joshua Steele 11 11LD
Simone Stobba Overend 11 11WG
Millennium Suga 11 11SL
Salote-Alison Taufa 11 11CJ
Kyran van Asch 11 11WG
Rachael Wilson 11 11WG
Lochlan Young 11 11CJ
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