Subject Choice – Last Minute Advice

Y11 Subject Choice is next Wednesday during the day. We have already highlighted this process previously on the blog (and last year’s post still contains valuable information). Students will be told by their Form Teacher a time to come to the library for an interview with them – the Dean, Careers Adviser and Senior Management will also be available throughout the day. The following is some last minute advice from Ms Featherstone, the Careers Adviser in the form of OPT:

  • What options should you pick?
  • Literacy and Numeracy are essential
  • Science helps to keep options open
  • Keep subjects as open as possible if you aren’t sure what you’re doing
  • Plan backwards and cover the essentials for those who know what they want to do (most Y11 students will have their first year out of school in 2018)


This is important for finding out about prerequisites and other information, eg. What do I need to do at school to be an electrician? If I’m planning to be an architect what should I study at school?

Crunch careers (note * refers to language rich subjects):

  • Trades – 10 Literacy/10 Numeracy level 1
  • Medicine – Chem, Physics, Biology, Stats, *
  • Architecture – Calculus, Physics, Stats, Graphics,*
  • Commerce – Accounting, Economics, Stats*
  • Laws – * (Subjects that encourage analytical thinking)
  • Engineering – Calculus, Physics,  Chemistry,   Hard Tech, *

Where can this information come from?

Capture3To make the right decisions we have to work as a team. The team players are: home – school – student. At school you can draw on:

  • Subject teachers
  • Form teachers
  • Teacher In Charge of subjects, Head of Departments, Head of Faculties
  • Deans
  • Deputy Principals

– Ms Featherstone (Careers Advisor)

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